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Sheilah Vance, Chief Officer for EEO and Compliance is theTitle IX Coordinator who oversees all Title IX reports and complaints. 

Students and employees who have been impacted by sexual misconduct are strongly encouraged to report the sexual misconduct early, before such conduct becomes severe or pervasive, so that Stockton can take steps to prevent the harassment from creating a hostile environment. 

Should anyone in the Stockton community have information regarding sexual misconduct involving Stockton students and/or community members, please report it immediately to the Campus Police at extension 4390 or 609-652-4390 or to the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Center at extension 3611 or 609-626-3611, and as appropriate to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Institutional Compliance at extension 4693 or 609-652-4693 or Human Resources at extension 4384 or 609-652-4384.

The Title IX Coordinator or any Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Amy Jones, Director of Care & Community Standards, or 609-626-3585 and Linda Yost,  Associate Director of Intercollegiate Athletics,, 609-652-4875  also can receive reports of sex/gender discrimination, as well as the Director of Human Resources.

Stockton must (1) determine whether the alleged conduct is sufficiently serious to limit or deny a student’s ability to participate in or benefit from the school’s educational program, i.e., creates a hostile environment; and (2) upon notice, take prompt and effective steps reasonably calculated to end the sexual violence, eliminate the hostile environment, prevent its recurrence, and, as appropriate, remedy its effects. (Source:  2020 Federal Title IX Regulations)

The University investigates all complaints that are reported.

Complete an Online Incident Report


See Title IX Resource Guide (updates pending) for additional information.