Vision/Mission Statement


  • To recognize differences, appreciate similarities, respect uniqueness, and embrace inclusion
  • To continuously Learn from and Engage with our diverse campus communities
  •  To collaborate with others on appropriate Global Perspective initiatives related to campus diversity and inclusion
  • To lead in the Sustainability of Stockton’s compliance, diversity, and inclusion efforts 


The Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity (OIDE) is largely responsible for overseeing Stockton’s compliance with state/federal equal opportunity laws and with New Jersey State Ethics Law.  The OIDE is responsible for leadership in Stockton’s comprehensive diversity and inclusion efforts.  Within its responsibility areas, the OIDE supports Stockton’s current Mission Statement and the 2020 Strategic Initiatives (Learning, Engagement, Global Perspective, and Sustainability) in the following broad ways through:

  1. Continuous learning and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances in a multicultural and interdependent world,
  2. Excellence in teaching and dedication to learning,
  3. Participation in the development of new ideas,
  4. Co-curricular activities that help students develop the capacity for making intelligent choices,
  5. Value of diversity and the different perspectives it brings to the campus community, and
  6. Continual assessment of Stockton’s asserted status of being an “Equal Opportunity Institution” in the composition of Stockton’s student body, faculty, and staff by implementing the principles of affirmative action.