Meal Plan FAQ

No. The ID Card (Osprey Card) is used to make all meal plan purchases. The student hands the card to the cashier and the computer automatically deducts the amount of the purchase from the prepaid meal account.

You may view your Osprey Card balance, track spending and report lost or stolen cards through GetFood. Students can also visit the bursars office, or can check their balance by simply handing their card to any dining service cashier on campus

Meal equivalency is an amount of money allotted to the purchase of each meal at a retail location on campus. And it is based off the cost of entry into our Student Restaurant (N-Wing) which is buffet eating for just ONE meal swipe. Meal Equivalency is $8.19.

Here's how it works - your student visits a retail location and their total comes to $9.19 - they would use one meal swipe or $8.19 and pay the remaining $1.00 using Dining Dollars. (Cash/credit are also accepted).

Dining Dollars is a set amount of money that comes with each meal plan. It can be used for smaller snack type items or in our 2 convenience stores located on campus. If you are running low on money during the semester you can purchase Dining Dollars through Chartwells.

Two different ways to request more funds:

  1. On Chartwell's homepage, there is an option to recharge your card. ($50.00 minimum required)


  1. From the 'Meal Membership' tab, click 'Purchase a Meal Membership.' You will then see Meal Plan options listed as '$100 Dining Dollars ($15 Bonus).'
  2. Both ways add the item to your cart and then will require payment through checkout prompts.

Dining Dollars are a great addition to a meal, or if your student is running low. Cashiers are able to check a student’s balance by swiping their ID card at the register.

*Please note that Dining Dollars that come with a meal plan, DO NOT ROLLOVER and are per semester.* 

All meal plans & associated dining dollars (originally given with the meal plan) will expire at the end of each semester.

Any independent purchase of Dining Dollars will remain with your students as long as they are at Stockton University.

 Meal plans are required for students living in Housing 2,3 and 5, as well as students living in Chris Gaupp.

Meal plans are not required for students living Housing 1 & 4, Atlantic City residents or commuter students.

But having a plan or purchasing Dining Dollars will make your life easier as you don't have to worry about carrying cash or a credit card.

Stockton Dining has 15 dining locations across our main campus. And three eateries at the Atlantic City Campus. We feature three nationally recognized brands: Chick-fil-A, Dunkin' Donuts, and Au Bon Pain. N-Wing is a student restaurant which is buffet style eating.

Meal plan and dining dollars are accepted at all of our on-campus locations. Please be advised that door rates apply to those who are not using a meal swipe to enter our N-Wing Cafeteria. 

Visit our Location/Hours of Operation page to view locations on campus, as well as their hours of operation.