Unity Day 2022

Unity Day

Unity Day Conference

Thursday, March 31, 2022
12:30 - 5:45 p.m.
Campus Center Event Room A, Stockton University
Galloway Campus


Unity of Religions & Spirituality

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Since its founding, Stockton University has promoted civic learning and fostered an environment that values civil debate, critical thinking and multiple points of view.

Unity Day is a campus-wide effort to study, discuss and better understand the world in which we live and the people with whom we share it.

It is an opportunity to listen, learn and talk with people of different cultures, genders and points of view.

Come listen to the stories and scholarship.

Come join us for the conversation.

Confirmed In-person Featured Speakers

Kevin Locke “Tokaheya Inajin”

Kevin Locke “Tokaheya Inajin”

About Kevin Locke

A world-famous visionary Hoop Dancer, preeminent player of the Indigenous Northern Plains flute, traditional storyteller, cultural ambassador, recording artist and educator.

Topic: "Native American Spirituality: A LIght of Unity"

Issata Oluwadare

Issata Oluwadare

About Issata Oluwadare

A dynamic leader with ten years of higher education leadership experience. She is also a content creator, bestselling author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, certified life coach, minister and consultant for women in leadership and business.

Topic: "Seek Justice, Love and Mercy: A Leadership Manifesto"

Dr. Michael L. Penn

Dr. Michael L. Penn

About Dr. Michael L. Penn

A Professor of Psychology at Franklin & Marshall College and is trained in the fields of clinical and experimental psychopathology.  Professor Penn is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and has lived and lectured widely around the world.

Topic: “Reflections on our Common Humanity”

Confirmed In-person Speakers Include

Dr. A. Edward Siecienski

Dr. A. Edward Siecienski

Professor of Religion and Clement and Helen Pappas Professor of Byzantine Civilization and Religion

Topic: “Christianity as Humanism: What the Church Learned from the Non-Christian World”

Guia Calicdan-Apostle

Guia Calicdan-Apostle

Associate Professor of Social Work, Coordinator of Victimology and Victim Services Minor, Diversity Faculty Fellow, Center for Teaching and Learning Design

Topic: “Bahá’í Practitioners’ Spiritual Orientation in Mental Health Practice”

Dr. Rachel Kirzner

Dr. Rachel Kirzner

Associate Professor of Social Work

Topic: "Maimonides' Ladder of Tzedakah"

Dr. Jongobk Yi

Dr. Jongbok Yi

Associate Professor of Asian Philosophy and Program Chair

Topic: "Compassion"

Dr. Linda Williamson Nelson

Dr. Linda Williamson Nelson

Professor Emerita of Anthropology and Africana Studies

Topic: "The Multiple Dimensions of the Black Church-The Sacred and The Secular"

Campus Religious Council

Student panel organized by the Campus Religious Council

Topic: "Do Religion and Spirituality Matter in the New Normal?"

Program Agenda

12:30 p.m. Welcome & Opening
12:40 p.m. Kevin Locke “Native American Spirituality: A Light of Unity” Hoop Dance and Storytelling 
1:40 p.m. Dr. Jongbok Yi: “Compassion”
1:55 p.m. Dr. Linda Williamson Nelson: “The Multiple Dimensions Of The Black Church-the Sacred and the Secular”
2:15 p.m. Dr. Guia Calicdan-Apostle “Bahá’í Practitioners’ Spiritual Orientation in Mental Health Practice”
2:30 p.m. Dr. A. Edward Siecienski:  “Christianity as Humanism: What the Church Learned From the Non-christian World”
2:45 p.m. Choral Music (Dr. Vaughn)
3:00 p.m. Dr. Issata Oluwadare: “Seek Justice, Love and Mercy: A Leadership Manifesto”
3:30 p.m. Kevin Locke (Flute)
3:45 p.m. Dr. Rachel Kirzner: “Maimonides' Ladder of Tzedakah”
4:00 p.m. Dr. Michael Penn: “Reflections on Our Common Humanity"
4:20 p.m. Intermission
4:30 p.m. Panel of Invited Students (Campus Religious Council):  “Do Religions and Spirituality Matter in the New Normal?
5:35 p.m. Closing

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For more information, email Dr. Guia Apostle at Guia.Calicdan-Apostle@stockton.edu or Dr. Valerie Hayes at Valerie.Hayes@stockton.edu.

A collaborative conference planned by the Philosophy & Religion Program (ARHU), The Student Senate, The Campus Religious Council, Unified Black Students Society, African Student Organization, The Committee on Campus Diversity & Inclusive Excellence through its Social Justice and Education subcommittee, and The Office of Diversity & Inclusion.