Engelberg Leadership Scholarship Program

Engelberg Leadership Scholarship Program: Cohorts 1, 2 and 3

The Engelberg Leadership Scholarship Program is a major scholarship and leadership development program made possible through a $1 million commitment from Alfred Engelberg, a 1956 Atlantic City High School graduate who became a successful intellectual property lawyer. Each cohort of student recipients will receive an enriched educational experience with all costs covered, including tuition, fees, room, board, books and any other program cost.

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“The Stockton Atlantic City Campus creates an opportunity for local students who might otherwise forego a higher education to obtain a university degree while remaining in the community,” said Engelberg. “This makes it possible to identify talented young men and women with the potential to be the next generation of business, civic, and communal leaders in Atlantic City, and provide them with an enriched set of educational, experiential, and mentoring experiences to turn that potential into a reality.” (SNJ Today Staff 2019)

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This could be you, Your major here!

This could be you

This could be you, Your major jere!

This could be you

This could be you, Your major here!

This could be you

This could be you, Your major here!



Dylan Nhan

Dylan Nhan, Mathematics Major with a concentration in Dual Degree Engineering

Karen Pelaez Moreno

Karen Pelaez Moreno, Health Science Major

Abu Shahariah

Abu Shahariah, Computer Information Systems Major

Shakila Riaz

Shakila Riaz, Literature Major with a concentration in Secondary Education

Jetzaly Gonzalez

Jetzaly Gonzalez, Computer Science Major

Sangida Huda

Sangida Huda, Computer Science Major

Mariela Maldonado

Mariela Maldonado, Health Science Major

Magdalena Nunez-Martinez

Magdalena Nunez-Martinez, Psychology Major

Ivett Carrasco

Ivett Carrasco, Business Studies Major

Amna Haider

Amna Haider, Mathematics Major

Lynn Tran

Lynn Tran, Economics Major 

Yamirah Williams

Yamirah Williams, Economics Major

Elena Gonzalez

Elena Gonzalez, Literature Major 

Steven Blythe

Steven Blythe, Computer Science Major 

Bao Pham

Bao Pham, Criminal Justice Major

Loukaia Taylor

Loukaia Taylor, Communications Studies Major