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       Pcard Application

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Pre-Purchase Approval Form must be submitted and approved prior to using the Pcard for any purchase of $500 or more. A transaction may not be split to bypass the dollar amount threshold.


Plant Purchase Request Form must be submitted and approved prior to using the Pcard for the following purchases:

  • All departments - Any tool purchased requires a pre-purchase request (not required for replacement parts such as bits, blades, batteries, etc.)
  • Transaction total of $1000 or more - Repair Shop, Grounds Shop, Plumbing Shop, Fleet Service, Paint Shop, Custodial and Environmental/Health/Safety
  • Transaction total of $2000 or more - HVAC, Lock Shop, Carpenter Shop, Central Stores and Electric Shop

When reconciling transactions in BOA Works, please attach the approval in addition to your receipt(s).

Tips on Reconciling Transactions

 Account Information

Sales Tax Exemption: Please visit the Tax Compliance webpage or contact Tax@stockton.edu for forms and addtional information.

International travel notification: to prevent issues with the use of the credit card on international trips, it is requested to contact Bank of America for notification with dates of travel and destination, you may be requested to provide account specifics for proof of accountholder. International travel typically requires the PIN.

BOA fraud number for international travel notification: 866-500-8262

Disputed charges: Disputes must be reported to Bank of America within 60 days of the original transaction or the charge will stand.  As reported by BOA, a vendor is aware of this timeframe and may stall until after the 60 days. If you have an issue, please contact the vendor immediately and allow the vendor to rectify the problem. However, we must be vigilant if an issue occurs with your order to prevent the passing of 60 days.


 Contact Us

For information on the Pcard program, contact: pcard@stockton.edu 

Pcards are available for pick up from Administration and Finance. Please see the reception area staff, located at the N-wing main entrance area, between the hours of 8AM to 5PM.

In the event of a lost/stolen card contact Bank of America immediately

Bank of America Customer Service  Phone: 888.449.2273 open 24 hours

Bank of America Report Fraud: Phone: 866.500.8262 open 24 hours