Accounts Payable

Welcome to Stockton University's Accounts Payable website! The goal of our site is to provide you with the necessary information to assure accurate and prompt payments.

We encourage you to visit our site often and hope that you may find the answers to many of your questions. We welcome your suggestions as we continue to update what we hope will become a resource for your accounts payable needs.

The primary objectives of Stockton University, Accounts Payable procedures are the following:

  • Disburse University funds for the payment of every University-related contract of agreement, for the performance of any University-related work or travel, and for the furnishing or hiring of any materials or supplies needed for the maintenance or operation of the University in accordance with existing NJ State and University regulations
  • Ensure compliance with the Prompt Payment Act
  • Ensure compliance with University travel procedures
  • Ensure compliance with University purchasing procedures
  • Verify all invoicing and disburse funds accordingly

Accounts Payable Training Sessions - 1/11/24