Founding Documents


Dear Stockton University Staff.

This website and body of work is created by you and for you. It is the intention and desire of the Core Group to bring your voices to the forefront of the University, and ensure they are heard, understood, respected and included in the short and long-term development of Stockton University decisions, strategic development and crisis responses. 

The history of Stockton’s Shared Governance dialogue is long, complex, and spans over many years. It is comprised of Taskforces, institutional self-studies and furthered by many of you across all University divisions. Yet the desire for inclusive and shared governance, representative of all University constituents, including its largest workforce – Staff, did not solidify into a cohesive, joined action until the Global COVID-19 Pandemic. The tragedy, loss, fear and uncertainty of the Pandemic has united Stockton’s workforce around a shared goal – to have access to equitable accommodation for safe working conditions, and reasonable and equitable recognition of the unique circumstances of our personal lives. Stockton's Staff have joined forces and reached across the aisle to demand equal recognition and accommodation, which enabled the work presented to you here.

The June 10th, 2021 Faculty Assembly has brought forth crucial questions regarding accountability and transparency of and within the leadership of Stockton University. The questions brought up therein and answered by the administration and President Kesselman have reinvigorated the discussion of the need for formation of Staff Senate “to offer a staff a voice and representation in University matters” (Faculty Senate President Dr. Manish Madan). This discussion was strongly supported at the Assembly, with President Kesselman vouching to support the endeavor. Furthermore, prior to the Assembly, Faculty Senate has passed a resolution in support of the creation of the Staff Senate. The call for volunteers to form a working group followed shortly thereafter and a Core Group of 14 individuals was formed. Nine (8) active members remain - see them recognized in here.

With these building blocks, Staff acquired a strong cross-institutional foundation to begin this important, needed and historic work. The Core Group of staff member volunteers have worked diligently over the past 11 months to form the foundation for Staff Senate organization, and worked on developing the Articles of Constitution outlining who and what the organization represents, its purpose and mission. The Core Group was aided by the members of Faculty Senate’s Executive Committee, and we wish to thank and recognize them for their time, expertise and dedication to helping us move this work along:

  • Manish Madan, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, Faculty Senate President
  • Norma Jane Boakes, Ed.D. – Professor of Education, Vice President of Faculty Senate
  • Marc Richard, Sc.D. – Associate professor of Chemistry, Faculty Senate Parliamentarian

Action Items which Require Your Attention and Participation

Although much work has been done, the Staff Senate formation is far from complete. To ensure the Staff Senate is formed and becomes an official organization representative of Staff needs, all staff must partake in the below action items:

  1. Save the date for Town Hall meetings where the Core Group will hold open-door meetings to answer questions regarding the Draft Articles of Constitution, explain its purpose and mission, and collect your comments to be incorporated into the Constitution, which is a live document, open for your edit, until such time that it is ratified and made final.
    Town Hall meeting dates are:

    • May 17, 18 and 24th from 11:30am to 2:30pm in L 112

  2. Read the Articles and provide your comments via this ANONYMOUS SURVEY - May 25-June 1, 2022

  3. Vote to ratify the Constitution via secret ballot (see your staff email) June 14-20, 2022

    June 21-28, 2022 (due to an unforeseen 6-day delay)

  4. Staff Senate Constitution Ratified on 29 June2022
  5. Nominate Officers whom you wish to represent your needs and interests in Staff Senate (link TBD) – Target Date: July 18 -- July 25, 2022

  6. Vote to select your Executive Committe and Senate Officers –VOTING Is LIVE NOW!  Vote is open until Sunday, September 18th at midnight
  7. Results tabulated/ verified/ announced - September 19-21st 2022
  8. First Staff Senate Meeting for FY 2022-2023 – October  2022