Approved Requests

All forms below were vetted by Facilities, recommended by the Space Management Committee and received final approval from the President. The allocations of space or modifications to existing space of approved requests are completed as the appropriate resources are available.



Space Request Department
Claire Kosden Perskie Classroom (E226) Academic Affairs

GOALS Gear Up  Relocation 

Student Affairs

SOBL Research Project

Academic Affairs



Space Request Department
New space Stockton Multicultural Center Student Affairs

Integrated space for STAR/Talons

Student Affairs

Relocation Community Engagement/Service Learning

Academic Affairs

Relocation Center for Learning Design

Academic Affairs

Temporary Relocation Graduate Studies

Enrollment Management

Temporary Relocation Global Engagement

Academic Affairs
Expansion of SCOSA Academic Affairs
Modify existing office space Development & Alumni Relations
Expansion of counseling program in Kramer Hall Academic Affairs



Space Request Department
TRLC renovation Student Affairs
Additional space for EOF Student Affairs
Building 80 Computer Lab to Stockton E-Sports Program Information Technology



Space Request Department
Expansion of Holocaust Resource Center to make room for artifacts from donor Academic Affairs
Expand/Relocate the Office of Service Learning due to staff growth and program needs Student Affairs
Relocate and combine the Office of Service Learning and Stockton Center for Community Engagement Academic Affairs
Expand Veterans Center to F-103 (offices), F-105, F-106 (lounge/computer lab) Student Affairs
Have a dedicated space for WGSC Student Affairs
Moving Housing 4 Residential Life offices back to dorms, and relocating the residential life offices to Lakeside  Student Affairs



Space Request Department

Convert existing C-wing vacated academic space
into 4 modified classrooms (C004, C005, C007, C010)

Convert existing B-wing vacated academic space
into 2 modified classrooms (B015, B016)

Student Affairs

Convert existing F-wing vacated academic space

into 2 (temporary) modified classrooms

Academic Affairs

Relocation of library offices/ convert to study spaces Academic Affairs
Faculty research lab space Academic Affairs
Space in Atlantic City for data collection Academic Affairs
Converting a file space into 3 offices Student Affairs



Space Request Department

Use of 3rd floor classroom building, to dedicate as School of Health Sciences - vacate various locations B-wing, F-wing and WQ


Academic Affairs

Housing III Garden

Facilities & Operations

Relocate Murphy writing staff to Dante Hall

Academic Affairs

Convert existing cubicle into office space

Academic Affairs

Proposed office within existing CC-243 suite

Academic Affairs



Space Request Department
Room M205B Academic Affairs