JOBS Program

The New Jersey Judiciary Opportunities for Building Success Program(JOBS) is designed to help justice involve individuals on or off probation in New Jersey find meaningful employment at a living wage and advance their careers.

The recidivism rate in New Jersey has significantly decreased over the past few years. The prison recidivism rate dropped by 19 percent over six years, with fewer than three in 10 of those released winding up reincarcerated within three years. The rate dropped from a high of 37 percent in 2007 to 29.8 percent in 2013. More recent data from May 2023 shows the recidivism rate in New Jersey is 30.4%.

Statistics reveal that one of the most significant factors contributing to recidivism, or the return to criminal behavior, is the lack of meaningful employment. The JOBS Initiative aims to break this cycle, opening doors to success and opportunity for everyone in New Jersey.

Building a Pathway to Success

The New Jersey Judiciary Opportunities for Building Success (JOBS) Program aims to connect probation clients to employment opportunities, job readiness programming, mental health services, and skill-building training opportunities. Our goal is to provide the tools and resources necessary to help you get your life back on track.

Eligibility Requirements

Become a Catalyst for Change

By collaborating with the JOBS initiative, your institution can play a vital role in providing justice-involved individuals with the tools, training, and opportunities they need to build successful careers. Together, we can give people a second chance and make New Jersey a better place to live and work.

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Whether you're a potential participant, an employer, an educational institution, or simply someone who wants to learn more about our initiative, we're here to help.

The No. 1 factor in lowering the recidivism rate among probationers is the ability to provide full-time employment with good benefits.
Dr. Marissa Levy

Recruitment Events Information, Dates, and  Locations.

Recruiting Event JOBS Initiative:

Stockton University Sponsor Event

Cape May Co. Probation 9 North Main St. Cape May Courthouse N.J. 08210 
Stockton Edu. Representative:
Eli Aviles (848) 298-0603

 2/7/2024 from 10 A.m. to 4 P.m.


Please bring the Documentation Needed for onboarding into the program:

State Idetification, Birth certificate, Social Security Card, and Proof of address.