Student Privacy Rights (FERPA)

Student Access

A student may examine all elements of his or her record, subject only to proper identification and reasonable allowances for time, place, and supervision. The student may challenge the accuracy of any entry. Upon submission of valid evidence of error, the University Registrar corrects the inaccuracy and notifies appropriate offices of the correction. The student may also challenge the appropriateness of any entry not consonant with the elements of a student record as stated above. Appeals from any determinations by the Office of Student Records and Registration are to the Office of the Provost.

Community Access

Properly identified officials from federal, state, or local government agencies are supplied the following information upon request.

  1. Major and class level.
  2. Degree(s) earned and graduation date(s) and honors received.
  3. Other directory information.

Should government agents request additional information, that information is released only upon written authorization from the student. If a student refuses to authorize the release of additional information, the information can be released only upon court order or subpoena. The University notifies any student whose record has been demanded by court order or subpoena

Directory Information

Stockton designates the following information as Directory Information:

  • Student name
  • Program of study
  • Class level
  • Dates of attendance
  • Degree awarded
  • Awards, honors and certifications
  • Participation in officially recognized activities and sports,
  • Position, hometown, weight, and height of members of athletic teams.

Stockton may verify student information without prior written consent unless the Registrar’s Office is notified in writing the student does not wish the information to be released or the student has restricted disclosure of information.

Stockton may distribute student name, major, degree(s) and years of graduation, activities/sports participation information for honors, awards and commencement materials.

To prevent Stockton from releasing "directory" information, students may submit the Prevent Release of Directory Information (FERPA) form.

Emergency Requests

  • Unless a student specified otherwise in a written statement to the University Registrar the University obliges all emergency requests for the address and telephone number for a student or a student's parents or guardian. Persons requesting such information are required to make the request through the Stockton Police.
  • In cases of medical emergency, the University reserves the right to notify family members, as appropriate and as determined by the particular circumstances.