About the Refugee Studies Initiative

The Refugee Studies Initiative at Stockton University promotes cross-disciplinary research on displacement and refugees through scholarships and events that facilitate discussions among faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students from across campus.

The Initiative also works with other academic institutes and organizations around the world to create collaborations that forefront the voices, perspectives, and activism of refugees and displaced people in research and in the struggle to address the related political, ideological, social, and environmental factors that give rise to the unprecedented displacement in our world today.    

Refugee Studies Affiliated Faculty


Dr. Lauren Balasco

Dr. Lauren Balasco, Assistant Professor of Political Science

609-652-4743 | F-232
Dr. Jess Bonnan-White

Dr. Jess Bonnan-White, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice 

609-652-4453 | C122
Dr. Jordan Corson

Dr. Jordan Corson, Assistant Professor of Education 

609-626-3180 | J210
Dr. Daniel Moscovici

Dr. Daniel Moscovici, Professor of Environmental Science and Geology

609-626-3607 | G-244
Dr. Michael Rodriguez

Dr. Michael Rodriguez, Professor of Political Science

609-652-4476 | H-243
Dr. Raz Segal

Dr. Raz Segal, Associate Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies and Endowed Professor in the Study of Modern Genocide

609-626-3853 | J-205
Mariana Smith

Mariana Smith, Associate Professor of Visual Arts

609-652-4670 | AS125