Facilities & Operations - Policies & Procedures

Number Description
I-92 Space Advisory Committee
I-100 Emergency Closing
I-100.5 Emergency Operations Plan 
I-102 Emergency Reporting
III-140 Appointment of Police officers, Police Powers, and Security Officers
III-141 Campus Police Department Responsibilities and Functions
III-142 Firearms
III-147 Pets on College Property
III-148 Prohibition of Weapons on Campus 
III-149 Parking and Traffic Regulations 
VI-2  Facilities Master Plan
VI-8.2  Capital Construction Projects Approval
VI-60  Real Estate Transaction Committee
VI-81 Pollution Prevention Policy
VI-85 Use of College-Owned Tools and Equipment
VI-90  Smoking Policy
VI-91 Identity Theft Prevention Program
VI-92  Files and Records - Review, Retention, and Retirement
VI-94  Safety Program
VI-100 Protection of Minors Policy
1070 Emergency Closing
1071 Emergency Operations and Procedure 
1600  Protection of Minors
6075 Space Allocation and Renovations
6078 Capital Improvement Program
6080  Campus Sign Program
6085  Naming of Facilities; and Installing Plaques, Monuments, and Major Markers
6621 Receiving of Materials for College
6802  Heating and Air Conditioning Periods
6805  Work Order Requests
6810  Keys to College Property 
6815  Emergency Repairs 
6817  Charges for Special Work or Projects 
6830  Use of College-Owned Vehicles 
6880  Domestic Animal and Pet Solid Waste 
6881  Illicit Connections to the College’s Storm Sewer
6882 Improper Disposal of Waste Into Storm Water Sewers on College Property
6883  Litter Control
6884 Wildlife Feeding Control
6900 General Statement Concerning Environmental Health and Safety
6902  Identity Theft Prevention Program
6903  Closed Circuit Television Monitoring and Recording
6904  Use of Christmas/Holiday Trees On State Property
6905  Bloodborne Pathogens
6906  Accidental Injuries Sustained by Employees
6907  Fire Drills
6909  Missing or Stolen College Property Reporting
6910  Open Fires on College Property
6911  Safety Inspections
6912  Standards for Safeguarding Customer Information
6921 Building Evacuation