Number Description
1011 Advertising
1014 News & Media Relations
1031 Appointment of University-Wide Committees, Councils, or Boards
1032 Campus Hearing Board - Students
1033 Employee* Campus Hearing Board
1035 General Assurances Statement: Protection of Human Rights in Experiments
1060 Policy and Procedure Development, Review, and Approval
1070 Emergency Closing
1071 Emergency Reporting
1090 Institutional Grant Application and Management
1095 Guidelines for Administration, Application, Distribution and Reporting of State Appropriated Research and Professional Development Funds
1096 Sabbatical Leave Application Procedure
1097 Research Participant Payment Process
1099 Effort Reporting and Certification for Grants, Contracts and Other Sponsored Agreements
1103 Request for Creative Services
1104 Printing and Copying Services
1106 Stationery and Business Cards
1161 Strategic and Annual Planning
1162 Honorary Degrees
1170 Centers and Institutes
1200 Student Procedure Prohibiting Discrimination in the Academic / Educational Environment
1210 Internal Procedures of the Committee on Campus Diversity and Inclusive Excellence
1600 Protection of Minors
2001 Emeritus / Emerita Status and Privileges
2005 Student Academic Honesty
2006 Advisory Board on Grades and Standing
2008 International Travel Approval Procedure for Employees
2012 Preceptorial System
2014 General Studies
2015 Repeat Course(s)
2016 Second Baccalaureate Degree
2017 Course Numbering, Grading Policies and Course Sequencing
2018 Drop / Add and Withdrawal from a Course Procedure
2019 Student Status - Categories and Criteria
2020 Leave of Absence / Withdrawal from University Procedure
2021 Administration of Credit-By-Examination Program
2022 Double Major
2030 Course Attendance
2031 Skills Competency Requirement
2032 Undergraduate Transfer Credit
2033 Registration
2040 Academic Program Proposal, Maintenance, and Closure
2050 Graduation
2060 Terminal Degree Equivalency for Appointment to the Faculty
2101 Master Schedule Production
2102 Certification of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Students
2200 Education Abroad
2210 Agreements with Institutions or Organizations on International Partnerships
2220 International Exchange Student Guidelines
3103 Use of University Property 
3120 Posting and Displaying Information on Campus
3121 University Flag Displays and Ceremonies
3200 Operating Procedures for Student Organizations
3201 Operating Procedures for Student Senate
3215 Social Fraternities and Sororities at Stockton
3220 Student Well-Being and Safety
3350 Continuing Studies
3400 On-Campus Housing
3511 Club Sports to Intercollegiate Sports Status
3513 Seasonal Coach Contract, Salary, and Evaluation
3610 Admissions Responsibilities
3611 International Student Admissions
3701 Student Financial Aid
3710 Federal Work Study Employment
3805 Veterans’ Education Benefits
3920 Educational Opportunity Fund Program
3930 Student Death Notification
3990 Service Animal Procedure, Student and Community Procedure
3991 Emotional Support Animal Procedure
4103 Grants and New Academic Programs
4109 Use of Library Space
4117 Production of Audio/Video Media Materials
4121 Library Collection Development
4134 Borrowing of Library Materials
4136 Reserve Collections
4137 Interlibrary Loan Service
4146 Technology Equipment Circulation
4148 Events Requiring Audio, Video, Information Technology Support and/or Production
4152 Technology Equipment Losses
4155 Procedure for Using University Communication Systems/Tools to Disseminate Messages to the Stockton Community
4200 Acceptable Usage Standards of Computing and Communication Technology
6010 Alcoholic Beverages at Campus Events
6012 Accepting Service of Subpoenas, Court Orders and Other Legal Documents
6075 Space Allocations and Renovations
6078 Capital Improvement Program
6080 Campus Sign Program
6085 Naming of and Installation of Markers to University Facilities
6100 Background Checks
6101 Job Search Procedure for Managerial and Unclassified Positions
6103 Sponsorship of Foreign Nationals
6104 Part-Time Employment of Staff Members
6105 Uncompensated Employees
6107 Volunteer Workers
6110 Resignation/Release from Contract for Faculty and AFT Professional Staff
6111 Classified Staff - Resignation
6113 Enrollment in Benefit Plans
6115 Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
6116 Overtime
6119 Time and Attendance Reporting
6120 Faculty Attendance and Leave – Paid and Unpaid
6122 Emergency Overtime
6125 Donated Leave Program
6128 Voluntary Furlough Program
6131 Employee Identification Card
6134 Changes in Employee Personal Status
6140 Disciplinary Guidelines
6146 Exit Interview
6150 Temporary Workforce Employment – Hiring Procedure
6153 Leaves of Absence
6154 Paid Sick Leave for Temporary and Student Workers
6155 Retirement (PERS, PFRS, ABP)
6158 Staff Development and Training
6160 Variable Work Week (Pilot)
6161 Tuition Waiver and Reimbursement for Employees in Permanent Positions
6164 Tuition Waiver for Spouses, Dependents, Couples in Civil Unions and Domestic Partners of Employees in Permanent Positions
6165 Tuition Exchange Program
6167 Grievances - Classified Employees
6220 Disciplinary Matters for Managerial Employees
6205 Compensation Plan for Executive and Managerial Employees
6210 Hours of Work for Managerial Employees
6215 Managerial Performance Evaluation (MER)
6300 Job Posting (Classified Employees)
6305 Performance Evaluation for Classified Employees
6310 Promotions (Classified Employees)
6315 Transfer and Reassignment (Classified Employees)
6320 Reclassification of Positions - Classified Employees
6325 Recruitment and Selection of Classified Employees
6330 Working Test Period (Classified Employees)
6340 AFT Professional Staff Evaluation
6350 Managing Conflicts of Interest
6360 Procedures for Internal Complaints Alleging Discrimination in the Workplace
6390 Solicitation on University Property
6395 Personnel Records of Employees
6400 Refunds Upon Withdrawal
6403 Petty Cash Funds
6404 Cash Items Throughout the University
6406 Billing Procedure - Centralized
6409 Tax Exempt Bond Compliance
6411 Accounts Payable
6412 University Travel
6412.5 Reception / Entertainment Procedure
6416 Signatory Authority
6417 Identification Card Replacement
6418 Receipt and Deposit of Funds
6419 Credit Card Acceptance by Departments
6420 Mobile Devices and Commercial Wireless Network Services
6421 Internal Audit Procedures and Standards
6611 Credit Cards for Employees
6621 Receiving of Materials for University
6640 Mail Services
6700 Grants and Contracts Cost Sharing (Matching)
6701 Grants and Contracts Cost Transfer
6802 Heating and Air Conditioning Periods
6805 Work Order Requests
6810 Access Control for University Property
6815 Emergency Repairs
6817 Charges for Special Work or Projects
6830 Use of University-Owned Vehicles
6880 Domestic Animal and Pet Solid Waste
6881 Illicit Connections to the University’s Storm Sewer
6882 Improper Disposal of Waste Into Storm Water Sewers on University Property
6883 Litter Control
6884 Wildlife Feeding Control
6900 General Statement Concerning Environmental Health and Safety
6902 Identity Theft Prevention Program
6903 Video Surveillance Monitoring and Recording
6904 Use of Holiday Trees On State Property
6905 Bloodborne Pathogens
6906 Accidental Injuries Sustained by Employees
6907 Fire Drills
6909 Missing or Stolen University Property Reporting
6910 Open Fires on University Property
6911 Safety Inspections
6912 Information Security Compliance
6913 Worker's Compensation
6921 Building Evacuation
6925 Security Assessments
6930 Clery Act Compliance
6940 Sexual Misconduct Procedure
6950 Disability, Accessibility, and Accommodation