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Stockton Performing Arts Center

The Stockton Performing Arts Center is a fully equipped, professionally staffed, air conditioned proscenium theatre with excellent sightlines, comfortable seating and terrific acoustics.


The theatre is suitable for a wide range of programs including classical and popular music concerts, recitals, dance performances, theatrical performances, conferences, lectures and meetings. 


The theatre is also an excellent space to rehearse or tech a production, and can be used as a studio for photography, film and video.


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At a Glance:



  • Proscenium:48’ wide, 28’ high, 35’ deep to cyclorama.

    • Orchestra pit is available.

  • Floor: Masonite over plywood.  Marley floor is available.

  • Seating Capacity: 247 orchestra/ 287 mezzanine.



  • Control: ETC Ion

  • Dimmers: 42 at 7000kw, 6 at 12kw & 24 at 2.4kw

  • Circuits: 337 well distributed throughout the theatre.

  • Design: A variety of packages available.



  • Fully equipped sound system including PA, stage monitors, microphones, and playback.

  • System can interface with client’s outboard equipment.

  • Clear com headset system available for communication


Dressing Rooms

  • Four rooms, which can accommodate up to 42 people.  Each room is equipped with mirrors, lights, sink, shelving, and clothes rack.

  • Additional dressing room space can be arranged.

  • Laundry, showers, lavatory, and green room.


Technical Equipment

  • House Curtain.

  • 4 sets of legs and boarders (black velour)

  • 2 Full stage blackouts, black scrim, and white cyclorama

  • Acoustic Shell, piano, music stands, chairs, etc.

  • Movie screen and A/V equipment available.

  • Single purchase 35-line counterweight fly system.

  • Three phase company switch (400amps/leg) available.


Ticketing Services

  • Box Office staffing on event night 

  • Options for E-tickets or physical thermal ticketing

  • Event ticketing phone support during business hours 

  • Flexible purchasing options- Online, Over the Phone, In Person

  • Flexible seating options- Assigned seating or General Admission


Rental Policy:


  • Rentals must be consistent with the goals and mission of Stockton University.  Therefore, the university reserves the right to deny requests for rentals to any organization, individual, event, or function if, in the judgement of the Center's professional staff or the university administration, such proposed rental would conflict in any way with the mission of the university, or the programming efforts of the Performing Arts Center.

  • Rentals are limited to those periods of time when use of the facility is not planned by any of Stockton's regular constituencies.  It is the responsibility of the Director of the Performing Arts Center to identify such periods within each calendar year.  Rentals are further limited to those times when, in the judgement of the Performing Arts Center's professional staff, the rental in question would have minimum impact on the artistic integrity of the events and productions occurring before and after the considered rental.

  • The rental of the Performing Arts Center for partisan political events will not be considered.

  • "Minimum staffing needs" (including stage technicians, house and stage managers, facility supervisors, ushers, and security personnel) shall be determined by the Performing Arts Center's professional staff.

  • Rental charges will be based upon direct and overhead costs to the university and Performing Arts Center, including risk and depreciation factors, and will be developed in accordance with "fair market value" criteria.

  • The Performing Arts Center strongly advises that rental agreements be in place at least 30 days prior to the event.


Insurance Requirements:

The University requires outside organizations to have a $1,000,000 (each occurrence) and $2,000,000 aggregate, bodily injury and liability policy issued by a Class A company, with The University and The State of New Jersey noted on a certificate of insurance as additionally insured for the activity and time period of the organization's use of The University's facilities. The certificate must be received no less than 5 business days prior to the start of the rental dates. If minors under the age of eighteen (18) will be in attendance during any portion of the program or if minors under the age of 18 will be on staff for the program, the organization must have a sexual abuse/molestation endorsement in their commercial general liability insurance policy. A copy of the endorsement must be forwarded along with the certificate of insurance. Organizations hosting events with participants under the age of 18 will also be required to comply with the University's Procedures on the Protection of Minors.

Facility Rental:   

If facilities and services are available to support your event, the University will issue an Agreement for Organization's Use of University's Facilities.


For Profit Organizations

$600.00  (Initial four hour block)

$150.00/each additional hour

The Performing Arts Center is rented in a minimum four-hour block per day for both performances and/or rehearsals.  Additional time in the facility is billed at the rate of  $150.00/hr.


Not-For-Profit Organizations (as determined by the IRS)

$500.00 (initial four hour block)

$125.00/each additional hour

Not-For-Profit Organizations with appropriate documentation may rent the Performing Arts Center for the discounted Rate of  $125.00/hr.  The four-hour minimum rental block is still applicable as are all other fees described in this policy.

This rental fees described above includes the services and equipment listed below:

  • Acoustic shell
  • Dressing rooms
  • Up to fifty chairs
  • Up to 24 music stands
  • Available masking (as hung)
  • Movie screen (as hung)
  • Podium
  • Concert lighting
  • Up to three microphones
  •  Reproduction of renter's audio tape or cd  through PAC sound system


ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT AND SERVICES:                                                           

The following equipment or services will be made available to the renter according to the rate schedule listed below:

Steinway 9 ft Grand Piano  

Piano tuning

Standing risers 

Sitting risers

Gaffe's tape

Vinyl dance floor (48'X30')

Follow spot

Color filters

Extra chairs

Extra music stands

Extra microphone

Audio recording of event 

Video projector (rear screen, computer)    

Additional lighting fixtures

Additional masking 

Special Lighting 


$150.00/ tuning 










quote on application



quote on application

quote on application


 NOTE: The fees quoted above are for equipment use only and do not reflect the crew cost involved in set up or operation which will be billed to the renter.


Additional equipment and/or services can be arranged as needed




Technical Director    $35.00/hr. (4 hour minimum)

House Manager         $35.00/hr. (4-hour minimum)

Renters are required to hire the PAC's Technical Director and House Manager (or their designated assistants) as facility supervisors to oversee all backstage and front of house activity. (House Manager is required only during performances.)  Renters are billed for these hours and remuneration to professional staff effected through the college's supplemental payroll.



Audio Engineer   $30.00/hr. (4 hour minimum)

Lighting Console Operator   $30.00/hr. (4 hour minimum)

Stage Hands $30.00/hr. (4-hour minimum)

Crew requirements will be determined during initial production meetings with the center's Technical Director.  A typical performance crew call consists of:

              (1) One light console operator

               (1) One audio engineer

               (2) Two stage hands

Crew requirements for rehearsal may be smaller.  In all cases, "minimum staffing needs" will be determined by Performing Arts Center staff.  Renters are welcome to augment the stage crew with their personnel; however, PAC production systems may be operated only by PAC staff, unless, in the opinion of the Technical Director, the renter's personnel are clearly qualified to assume those duties.  In all instances, at least half of the key production crew must be PAC staff.   Renters are encouraged to supply their own stage manager to "call" and run the actual performance.

NOTE:  For the facility to be opened and prepared for rehearsal or performance in a professional manner it is sometimes necessary to call the crew in up to one hour prior to the start of the rental period.  This may result in a greater number of crew hours than rental hours appearing on the renter's final bill.

Ticketing Services


Full Service

            The Stockton Performing Arts Center will take care of your ticketing needs with a dedicated page for ticket sales, phone and in-person customer service, ticket distribution, and event night staffing.


      • Box Office staffing on event night (up to 3 based on event needs)
      • Options for E-tickets or physical thermal ticketing
      • Event ticketing phone support during business hours (Tuesday-Thursday: 10am-3pm)
      • Flexible purchasing options- Online, Over the Phone, In Person
      • Flexible seating options- Assigned seating or General Admission


      • Staffing ($25/hr, 4-hour minimum)
        • Renters are required to hire the PACs Box Office staff to access the box office.
        • The Box Office will be staffed with 1-3 employees based on the needs of the event at the discretion of the Box Office Manager
        • No additional charge for business hour phone support.
      • Ticketing
        • $150 setup fee
        • $3 per ticket service fee for regular tickets
        • $1 per ticket service fee for Stockton Students (if applicable)
        • $0.25 per ticket service fee for comps issued by renter.

Ticket Printing Only

The Stockton Performing Arts Center will print off general admission or assigned seating for the renter to sell at their own discretion. We will refer all renters patrons to the renters phone or website as requested. On show night, renter will sell and distribute their own tickets.


      • Physical thermal ticketing
      • Reserved Seating or General Admission
      • Up to 2 tables in lobby for ticket sales/pickup by renter on event night


      • Ticketing
        • The PAC will print a set of reserved or general admission tickets for the renter’s event. Tickets will be handed off to the renter for sales. The PAC will not handle the sales or distribution of tickets, and will refer all inquiries to the renter’s website or phone number.
        • $150 setup fee
        • $250 printing fee

Self-Service Ticketing

While recommended, renters are not required to utilize the PAC Box Office services. The Performing Arts Center is happy to provide tables for ticket sales and direct any callers to the renters phone or website for ticketing information. Access to the Box Office is limited to Performing Arts Center employees only.



Basic Concert Lighting: $0 (No Charge)

Concert lighting typical of that provided for an orchestra or chamber ensemble is included in the rental fee.  The lighting consists of an even wash of uncolored light from overhead and front‑of‑house positions.


 Dance Lighting: $300/Set up     $50/rehearsal or performance

Dance lighting typical of that provided for dance companies on tour consists of colored washes from the sides, back, overhead, and front of house positions.  Also included is a three-color wash on a cyclorama backdrop.


 Club Lighting: $300/Set up     $50/rehearsal or performance

Club lighting typical of that provided for a trio or quartet consists of colored washes from the back, overhead, and front‑of‑house positions.  Specials are focused and used to draw attention to individual band members.  If the event is to feature a single performer, the additional rental of a      follow spot and follow spot operator is recommended.


Dramatic Lighting: $300/Set up     $50/rehearsal or performance

Dramatic lighting generally requires area control of the lighting, several specials, many cues, and/or special effects.


Review/Variety Lighting: $300/set up     $50/rehearsal or performance

Review lighting typical of pageants and variety shows requires a wide range of lighting styles and usually contains many cues, specials, and/or special effects.


Note: The fees for the lighting setups quoted above assume adaptation of the existing lighting in the theater by the PAC's Technical Director.  The fees cover crew costs to adjust the focus and color these lights, wear and tear on the instruments and lamps, as well as a modest usage fee.  The fees do not cover design or stage management services by the PAC staff.  Depending on the complexity of your show's requirements, an additional fee for lighting designer services (creating and setting "looks" and cues) and/or stage management (calling the show) may be required. 



Basic Reproduction/Reinforcement: $0

The basic audio package includes the reproduction of renter's recoded program (tape or cd) through the house speaker system including two on stage monitors.  Also included are three microphones.


Special Reinforcement:

$300-$500/Perf. — $50.00/Add. Perf./Rehearsal

Special reinforcement includes the use of numerous microphones,  direct boxes, and up to  four separate monitor mixes (from the house board).  Additionally, at the discretion of the Technical Director, the mixing console may be moved from the booth to a position in the auditorium.




If the rental activity includes an appearance or performance contracted by the renter or the renter's agent with a professional guest artist or company, and then renter must submit a signed original copy of the contract(s) with the artist. The term contract is meant to include the main contract, plus any and all addenda and contract riders. The renter and the artist must sign all copies. Finalization of the facility rental agreement is contingent upon receipt of these documents.  A performance bond may be required.  The PAC must handle all ticket sales.



A minimum of eight ushers is required for each performance provided by the renter. Ushers must present themselves for instruction by the PAC house manager one hour prior to each performance and remain at their assigned station until all event attendees have left the performance.  Renter must provide the names and phone numbers of individuals who will serve as ushers to the House Manager at least 3 days prior to any performances open to the public. Ushers are responsible for taking tickets, distributing programs, assisting with seating, enforcing house rules, and more.

NOTE: Ushers may have no other responsibilities as they will be required to remain in their assigned locations throughout the performance.



The PAC will not advertise the renter's event. All advertisements, fliers, posters, playbills and other promotional material renter may choose to distribute, must:

    • Include the words " STOCKTON PERFORMING ARTS CENTER"
    • Display the Performing Arts Center's logo (available upon request)
    • Be approved by the PAC Director.

The distribution of unapproved material may result in the cancellation of the rental agreement and the forfeiture of all deposits



The PAC does not provide or design scenery or stage properties.  Nor is the scene shop or tools available for use by off campus groups or individuals.

Additionally, scenery brought in by the renter must be inherently flame resistant or treated by the renter with flame proofing material.  A certificate of flame proofing may be requested by the PAC's technical director who reserves the right to deny access to sets, props, and other materials which in his opinion represent a serious fire hazard.

The PAC's technical director reserves the right to refuse to fly or hang any scenery which in his opinion is improperly rigged or constructed which would pose a danger to performers or technicians on stage.

Assistance may be available to the renter to properly rig or flame proof scenery, if planned for at production meetings prior to the load in.  



The PAC Director must approve receptions of any kind (for performers, their guests, and/or audience members).  Additionally, all requests to hold a reception in conjunction with the rental activity shall be forwarded to the Office of Event Services.  As per its contractual agreement with the University, the institution's food service vendor reserves the right of first refusal for all receptions.  The use of the lobby for receptions at which no items or sold or admission fee applied is included in the rental fee for the theater.

Requests by the renter to sell snacks, beverages and souvenir items during a show's intermission will be considered. 



At the discretion of Performing Arts Center management, renter may be required to provide professional, uniformed security guards for the safety of the audience and protection of College property.  



Performance and/or rehearsal periods do not end until the Performing Arts Center has been secured.  Renter will be charged an additional facility rental fee (at the rate of $150.00/hour or part there of) should performances or rehearsals be extended or if the renter's production personnel and/or guests cause delays in securing the facility.

In all cases (whether or not an additional rental fee is accessed) crew cost (until the facility is secured) will be passed on to the renter.

All time after the initial 4-hour block will be rounded up to the next half-hour.



Rentals requiring extensive pre‑production work, heavy load‑ins, large crew calls and/or exclusive use of or access to the facility by the renter must be negotiated with the Performing Arts Center Production Coordinator, who will use the policies and fees detailed above as a guide in determining an appropriate rental fee.


HEATING and AIR CONDITIONING:                                                               

The Performing Arts Center will make every normal and reasonable effort to ensure that the facility is heated or air-conditioned to an acceptable level of comfort for audience and performers during the rental period.  However, the Center assumes no responsibility for any operating difficulties encountered by the College's heating and ventilating technician.



To keep these fees as low as possible, it is also the renter's responsibility to ensure that the facility is cleared of trash at the conclusion of each rental day.

Failure to clear excess trash, debris, or garbage from the facilities and especially the dressing room areas in use by the renter will result in additional charges being levied by the University's custodial department.

Stockton has been declared a "Smoke-Free" environment, consequently smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Performing Arts Center facility.

Eating and drinking are expressly prohibited in the auditorium, on stage, and in the orchestra pit.

During performances, the Renter's ushering staff will be expected to help enforce this policy.

NOTE: If violations of the above policy are observed during rehearsals, the facility supervisor will stop all rehearsal activity until all food and beverages are removed from the theater.