Introduction video for OU Campus (1m 45s)

OU Campus Content Management System Project Plan.

During the Spring of 2015, a need was identified to upgrade or replace the current Stockton University Content Management System (CMS) – commonly known as EYOS – for managing website content. As a response to this need, a committee was formed to identify the functional requirements needed from the CMS, as well as available options for resolving these needs.  

After a thorough evaluation of website and CMS needs, including the solicitation of feedback from University constituents through focus groups, it was determined by the committee that a new solution should be explored. A Request for Proposal (RFP) was developed for response from software vendors in Summer 2015, and after a thorough evaluation, OmniUpdate (OU) Campus was selected as a replacement for EYOS. The deployment of OU Campus is organized as a multi-phased project. The following is a proposed roadmap for the different implementation phases, along with a proposed completion timeframe: 

Phase Status Expected Start Expected Completion
Design and Develop New OU Campus Templates Completed January 2016 April 2016
Design and Develop EYOS Site Templates Completed April 2016 May 2016
Develop Communication Plan Completed April 2016 May 2016
Build top-level www.stockton.edu pages Completed May 2016 June 2016
Develop Image and Media Library Completed May 2016 June 2016
Site migration for enrollment-driven websites Completed June 2016 August 2016
Site migration for remaining active websites In Progress September 2016 December 2016
Training Completed April 2016 Ongoing