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Ospreys Navigate is a student success management platform that will assist Stockton University faculty and staff in working together to provide comprehensive student support throughout the campus.
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Ospreys Navigate: Student Success Platform

Our new student success platform revolutionizes the way we assess and address the needs of students in collaboration with their "success network". This network brings together faculty and staff to provide unified support for the students' academic, career, and personal growth.

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Features of Ospreys Navigate

Early Alert System

Identify students in need of target outreach and interventions based on predictive analytics for early support.

Enhanced Student Relationships

Strengthen connections between students and their success network displayed on students profile including: academic advisors, preceptors, faculty, success coaches, mentors, etc.

Efficient Documentation and Scheduling

Benefit from a centralized note-taking, documentation, and appointment scheduling system.

Professional Development

Engage in regular faculty and staff training sessions to enhance end users ability to recognize and assist students facing personal, social or academic obstacles.


Ospreys Navigate aids staff and faculty in efficiently evaluating student needs, referring resources, and closing the loop to ensure students have been connected to their personalized "success network". Within this network, faculty and staff will unite on the platform to collectively support and bolster the student's academic, career, and personal journey.


At Stockton University, we are committed to closing equity gaps while continuously supporting the success of all students.