Frequently Asked Questions

After you have logged in you will have access to your My Documents as well as any share drive you may have permissions to. You may also save data on a removable flash drive if you have the Horizon Client installed.

You should not save any files anywhere else as they will be deleted once you log off your session.

Printing can be achieved only through the Horizon Client to any installed printer on the client machine.

Virtual Desktops by design are isolated from your physical device to ensure that you always have a secure work environment.

Make sure you are entering your username and password correctly, this should be the same credentials you use to log into the Stockton goPortal.

A quick test to see if your username and password is correct is to try logging into the Stockton goPortal. If you have forgotten your password, please call the Helpdesk to reset it.

Bad password

Make sure you are entering the correct VDI Auth Passcode when it prompts for the passcode and not your password.

Correct VDI Authentication

This happens when the VMware Horizon Client tries to log into the virtual desktop environment using the credentials from client machine. You can avoid this by un-checking "Log in as current user" under the properties in the Horizon Client.

Account disabled

Please call the Help Desk at 609-652-4309.

Go to Options, Disconnect and Logoff. Log back into VMWare Horizon Client and reconnect to the desktop pool