Newspaper Columns from 2018

Golden, Carl (2018). “Legislative Democrats' redistricting power grab an all-around failure, says Carl Golden". December 19.   

Golden, Carl (2018). “Translation: An Embarrassing Defeat on the Floor of Either or Both Houses was Virtually Certain". Insider NJ. December 17.   

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Golden, Carl (2018). “Bill and Hillary Clinton just won’t go away". Also featured in Asbury Park Press, Daily Citizen-News and Havasu News-Herald. December 4.

Golden, Carl (2018). “Acosta Flap Proves It’s Time to End White House Briefings". November 14.

Golden, Carl (2018). “Opinion: Hugin Loss Was Especially Demoralizing for NJ Republicans". NJ Spotlight. November 8.

Golden, Carl (2018). “Guest Opinion: Letter jumps the gun on investigative committee"Burlington County TimesNovember 4.

Golden, Carl (2018). “Opinion: Phil Murphy’s troubles prove transitions can be tricky".  November 3.

Golden, Carl (2018). “Opinion: Let’s Be Real, Scandal Investigation Will Freeze Trenton". NJ Spotlight. October 24.

Golden, Carl (2018). “Sadly, Kavanaugh Fight Night Over Yet". October 11.

Golden, Carl (2018). “Opinion: Legalizing Marijuana — Not So Easy, After All, Governor?" NJ Spotlight. September 27.

Golden, Carl (2018). “Not Only is a Blue Wave Coming, Its Getting Stronger". September 19.

Golden, Carl (2018). “The Politics of Pot – and New Jersey". Insider NJ. September 11.

Golden, Carl (2018). “Opinion: Trump’s war on the Press won’t end well". Pocono Record. August 24.

Golden, Carl (2018). “Dems at Odds Over Trump’s Supreme Court Pick". July 17.

Golden, Carl (2018). “Murphy shows fairness in accepting Sweeney’s school aid reform, says Carl Golden". July 10.

Golden, Carl (2018). “Governor Doesn’t Even Get Half a Loaf as Sweeney Takes the Cake". NJ Spotlight. July 3.

Golden, Carl (2018). “Opinion: Front-Row Seats for the Trenton Power Struggle". NJ Spotlight. June 22.

Golden, Carl (2018). “Trump’s Shadow Hovers Over the U.S. Senate Race". Insider NJ. June 18.   

Golden, Carl (2018). “Democrats Might Have Reason to Worry About November". June 6. 

Golden, Carl (2018). “Murphy V. Sweeney: The Personal and Political Divide Appears Unbridgeable". Insider NJ. June 4.   

Golden, Carl (2018). “Murphy must take the hint on spending: Golden". Asbury Park PressAlso featured in NJ Spotlight. June 1.

Golden, Carl (2018). “Opinion: Americans grow weary as Mueller plods on"Burlington County Times. Also featured in Havasu News-Herald and Carlisle SentinelMay 24. 

Golden, Carl (2018). “Threat of a Government Shutdown Embarrassment will Nudge Murphy Toward Sweeney/Coughlin". Insider NJ. May 24.

Golden, Carl (2018). “Robert Mueller's Investigation Plods On". Also featured on Havasu News-Herald and Great Bend TribuneMay 22. 

Golden, Carl (2018). “Opinion: Not Too Soon to Call the Murphy Agenda a Failure". NJ Spotlight. May 15.

Golden, Carl (2018). “The Stunning Hubris of Nancy Pelosi". CagleCartoons.comAlso featured in The Jackson Sun, Great Bend Tribune, The Times Record and Havasu News-Herald. May 7. 

Golden, Carl (2018). “Opinion: Why Is This (Expletive Deleted) Funny?" NJ SpotlightAlso featured in North Jersey News. May 3.

Golden, Carl (2018). “Flashback to first Trenton press corps roast: Golden". Asbury Park Press. May 2.

Golden, Carl (2018). “Opinion: Sweeney’s Jersey City Gambit for Education Aid". NJ Spotlight. April 26.

Golden, Carl (2018). “Opinion: Democrats, be wary of overconfidence"Burlington County TimesAlso featured in, Great Bend Tribune and The Jackson Sun. April 22. 

Golden, Carl (2018). “Opinion: Despite Potential Savings, New Jersey Has No Urge to Merge". NJ Spotlight. April 13.

Golden, Carl (2018). “Menendez v. Hugin, or the Encumbrance of Allegations Versus Republican Futility". Insider NJ. April 9.

Golden, Carl (2018). “Opinion: Sweeney On Murphy’s Gun Legislation — What’s the Hurry?" NJ Spotlight. April 2.

Golden, Carl (2018). “Sweeney’s Slow Walk on Murphy Gun Agenda Fits His Established Pattern". Insider NJ. March 30.

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Golden, Carl (2018). “House candidates running against party leadership: Golden". Asbury Park Press. March 20.

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Golden, Carl (2018). “Look for possible middle ground in Murphy’s budget, Sweeney’s reaction, says Carl Golden". Asbury Park Press. March 7.

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