Faculty-Led Program Ghana


Welcome to the Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program to Ghana 2022! 


  • AFRI 3125 West Africa Now (Dr. Donnetrice Allison)
  • GIS 4671 Contemporary African Culture and Business (Dr. Alphonso Ogbuehi)

Travel Dates:  January 3-13, 2022

Students need to take one of the above courses to be eligible for this program. Please contact Dr. Allison and/or Dean Ogbuehi first. 

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Faculty Co-Leader:

Dr. Donnetrice Allison 

Professor of Africana Studies and Communication Studies



Phone: 609-652-4721 


Faculty Co-Leader:

Dr. Alphonso Ogbuehi

Dean, School of Business & Professor of Business Studies, Marketing





FLP Ghana Info Session

Join Dr. Donnetrice Allison and Dr. Alphonso Ogbuehi for an Info Session on Faculty-led Program Ghana 2022: 

Monday, April 26, 1:00pm on Zoom

Watch FLP Ghana 2022 Info Session Video

Download FLP Ghana 2022 Flyer

In Fall 2021, students will take the courses with Dr. Donnetrice Allison on AFRI 3125 West Africa Now or with Dr. Alphonso Ogbuehi on GIS 4671 Contemporary African Culture and Business. 

On January 3-13, 2022, students will travel with two faculty leaders and classmates to Ghana. During this trip, students will have the opportunities to visit local businesses and cultural sites, including: 

  • Travel to Cape Coast and Elmina to see slave castles and the starting point of the transatlantic slave trade 
  • Visit the Ashanti region to explore the traditional chieftaincy institution, history and culture 
  • Visit Kakum National Park and the Beach
  • Visit and learn about local companies, business environment, and Young Africa Leadership Initiative

The total program fee to Ghana includes:

  • Round trip airfare
  • Airport transfer to/from hotel
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Airfare within Ghana
  • Local transportation to/from scheduled daily activities
  • Entrances into cultural sites
  • Guides and drivers
  • $200 study abroad fee
  • International travel insurance

Please take care to observe your required monthly deposits on the program, and other costs not subject to deposit requirements (to be taken care of by the student).

Other costs:

  • $200 supplemental             Students advised to bring to Ghana to cover cost of meals not included in program
  • $145 passport fee               Fee required to apply for a new U.S. passport ($110 for renewing the passport)

Students interested in this FLP Ghana must receive permission of the faculty leaders to enroll into AFRI 3125 West Africa Now (Dr. Donnetrice Allison) or GIS 4671 Contemporary African Culture and Business (Dr. Alphonso Ogbuehi) to participate in this program. 

Once enrolled into one of the courses, students will be required to create and to complete a Study Abroad application with the Office of Global Engagement, and carefully observe the established deposit schedule for the study abroad trip to Ghana.

Enrollment Steps:

  1. Contact faculty leaders to discuss your interest in the FLP 
  2. Upon acceptance, proceed to register into AFRI 3125 or GIS 4671 for Fall 2021
  3. Upon receiving the registration list from the faculty leaders, the Office of Global Engagement will initiate Study Abroad Application
  4. Follow program deposit schedule for the study abroad trip to Ghana
FLP Ghana Program aligns with and contribute to the following outcomes: 

Global Perspectives (as in Stockton Mission/Vision/Value)

Recognizing its place in an increasingly global economy and society, Stockton University is committed to providing students, faculty, and staff with exposure to diverse cultural perspectives. Stockton seeks to create and sustain the global awareness and understanding necessary for their meaningful participation in the world as independent critical thinkers and informed and prepared global citizens.

Global Awareness icon

Global Awareness

The ability to appreciate diversity and cultural interconnectedness.

Program Competence icon

Program Competence

The ability to use and to integrate concepts, theories, and principles in one’s major field of study in a masterful way.

Communication Skills icon

Communication Skills

The ability to create and share ideas and knowledge effectively with diverse audiences and in various formats.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Teamwork and Collaboration

The ability to join with others to achieve a common goal.

IDEA Objective 2:

Developing knowledge and understanding of diverse perspectives, global awareness, or other cultures