New Publications from the Sara and Sam Schoffer's Holocaust Resource Center Memoir Series

The Wheel of Life: Shelley Zeiger's Memoir. 2nd ed.  Shelley Zeiger and Maryann McLoughlin.  Comteq, June 2016. 251 pages.

Journeys End: The Holocaust Memories of the Kühnreich, Karpf, and Teichman Families. Terry Teichman Kühnreich and Eli Kühnreich and Maryann McLoughlin. Comteq, May 2016. 171 pages.

Teacher’s Guide for Chocolate, The Taste of Freedom: The Memoir of a Hidden Child. Maud Dahme and Maryann McLoughlin. Kathy Tabasso (graduate student) with Maryann McLoughlin.  Stockton P, 2016.  28 pages.
Maryann McLoughlin, Ph.D.
Sara and Sam Schoffer Holocaust Resource Center