The Faculty Senate serves as the representative body elected by the Faculty to provide a Faculty voice in the formulation of University policy. The Senate is composed of members of the larger Faculty Assembly and represents the interests of that Assembly. The Senate may consider any University matter on its own initiative or at the request of the Faculty Assembly, the Committees, individual Faculty members, students, the University administration, the Board of Trustees, or any campus organization. It may review any University policies and make recommendations concerning them.

The Senate is composed of School Senators (one per school) and At Large Senators. The number of senators is tied to the number of Faculty Assembly members such that there is one senator per ten faculty members. Additional elected members include the President, Vice President, and Secretary. The President of the Union serves on the Senate in an ex-officio capacity. The President of the Senate appoints an adjunct faculty member to serve as a non-voting Adjunct Liaison to the Senate.

The Senate is required to have regular, publicized meetings. Currently, the Senate typically meets the third Friday of the month while classes are in session. Meetings are open to all except for when the Senate votes to go into closed session. Non-senators, even those who are members of the Faculty Assembly, may not vote in Senate meetings.  

Please see Rules and Procedures for the Faculty Senate.