Spring semester bills will be viewable on November 17, 2020. Bills are due for undergraduate/graduate students on January 4, 2021. Payment plan enrollment will be available beginning on November 17th. Payment plan installments and due dates can be found at the bottom of our 'Billing and Payments' page. If you have external scholarships, 529 plans or deferred revenue that will be covering all or a portion of your Spring term bill, please reach out to the Bursar's Office in advance of the Spring payment due date.

**If you make a partial payment and do not enroll into a payment plan, you will be automatically enrolled and charged $100 due date late fee.**

The Bursar’s office staff has assessed all student accounts regarding the credit of the Transportation and Safety fee. In order to be eligible, all of your course instruction must fall under one of these categories, online synchronous, online asynchronous, and online blended, with no on campus housing to receive the Transportation and Safety fee credit for the Spring 2021 semester at the end of the Add/Drop period. Please monitor your account daily after the Add/Drop period to see the change reflected.

**In response to the Presidential announcement regarding courses being moved entirely online on November 30, 2020, the Bursar's Office will be reviewing student accounts and adjusting charges accordingly. 

Any credit balances resulting from these changes will be applied directly to your Spring 2021 term bill.

If you owe a past due balance for the Fall semester, any credit to your account will be applied directly to these outstanding charges.

Thank you for your patience during these challenging times, please feel free to contact our office for any assistance.**

Yes, you can make a payment in person. You will want to schedule an appointment with our office. Walk-ins are also allowed but since our max capacity is two people, we suggest scheduling an appointment to avoid possible wait time. 
 Yes, you can make a payment online. You will need to login to your goPortal and click on the 'Make a Payment' link in the middle column of the Bursar's tab. 

The prefered payment method as of right now is making an online payment through your goPortal.

You can cancel your housing by clicking the link below and filling out the form.

 If you are graduating, you will receive the money back as a refund after we confirm it. If you are returning in the fall, the money will remain on your ID card.