Academic Reporting


All academic programs and interdisciplinary minors as well as offices and units in the Division of Academic Affairs are required to complete annual and 5-year reviews.

IMPORTANT:  In the year that Coordinators and Directors complete a 5-year review, they do not also have to produce an annual report.



IMPORTANT UPDATE re. 5-YEAR REVIEWS in the spring semester 2020:

Any reviews that are not in progress by March 31st 2020 are deferred until a later date. Close the loop meetings will proceed, however, via Zoom. Contact Elizabeth Masterson ( to schedule close the loop meetings.  




Accredited Programs          

Coordinators of accredited programs should submit their initial accreditation reports to Heather Watkins-Jones,, Executive Assistant to the Provost and Elizabeth Masterson,, Administrative Assistant to the Provost 

In addition, Coordinators should submit all annual accreditation updates and reaccreditation reports to Heather Watkins-Jones and Elizabeth Masterson*

Following receipt of the reaccreditation report, the Office of the Provost will schedule a "close the loop" meeting.

Contact Heather Watkins-Jones, Executive Assistant to the Provost and Elizabeth Masterson,, Administrative Assistant to the Provost if you have any questions.


*These reports take the place of the annual and 5-year review reports that non-accredited programs submit to the Office of the Provost. This is the case even if reaccreditation takes place on a cycle other than every 5 years.


Heather Watkins

Heather Watkins, Executive Assistant to the Provost

Elizabeth Masterson

Elizabeth Masterson, Administrative Assistant to the Provost