Academic Reporting


All academic programs and interdisciplinary minors as well as offices and units in the Division of Academic Affairs are required to complete annual and 5-year reviews.

IMPORTANT:  In the year that Coordinators and Directors complete a 5-year review, they do not also have to produce an annual report.


NOTE: If you would like assistance accessing or interpreting degree completion/student demand and labor market projection data from our Hanover dashboard, please contact Carra Hood, Associate Provost,




Accredited Programs          

Coordinators of accredited programs should submit their initial accreditation reports to Carra Hood, Associate Provost,

In addition, Coordinators should submit all annual accreditation updates and reaccreditation reports to Carra Hood.*

Following receipt of the reaccreditation report, the Office of the Provost will schedule a "close the loop" meeting.

Contact Carra Hood, Associate Provost,, if you have any questions.


*These reports take the place of the annual and 5-year review reports that non-accredited programs submit to the Office of the Provost. This is the case even if reaccreditation takes place on a cycle other than every 5 years.


Carra Leah Hood

Carra Leah Hood, Associate Provost for Strategic Planning, Academic Programming, and Assessment

Elizabeth Masterson

Elizabeth Masterson, Professional Services Specialist III

John Bulevich

John Bulevich, Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of Academic Assessment

Dave Burdick

Dave Burdick, Professor of Psychology and Faculty Assessment Fellow

Alice Sikora

Alice Sikora, Professional Services Specialist in the Office of Institutional Research