UNIDOS was established to help bring together La Comunidad at Stockton University. UNIDOS will lead efforts to expand cultural and historical awareness of the contributions the Latino and Hispanic community has provided to Humanity. In addition, to the goals and aims of education, UNIDOS will seek to address the challenges within Stockton University, the State of New Jersey and within the United States by advocating for the rights of Latinos and recent immigrants to this country so that they can benefit fully from the American Dream. 

We employ the term La Comunidad to describe a diverse group of peoples with origins from countries in the Americas, the Caribbean, Africa and other traditionally “Hispanic” or Spanish-speaking countries, while also recognizing other labels may apply. We also welcome allies and others who appreciate and support these individuals.


UNIDOS will strive to:

  1. Unite La Comunidad at Stockton around the appreciation of the Latino culture, heritage and traditions. 
  2. Support each other academically, professionally, and personally. 
  3. Serve as a representative voice for all those who appreciate the Latino and Hispanic culture, heritage and traditions and/or identify as Latin@, Latino, Latina, LatinX, Afro-Latino or Hispanic. 
  4. Advocate for our students and work tirelessly to create pathways for their successful enrollment, retention and graduation from the University. 
  5. Provide leadership at the University by advocating for the establishment of structures and policies and procedures that further diversity and inclusion efforts at Stockton and increase the number of faculty and staff from Latin@, Latino, Latina, LatinX, Afro-Latino, Hispanic backgrounds to serve better the needs of growing diverse and multi-ethnic student-body. 
  6. Unite with existing organizations and develop new organizations within La Comunidad at Stockton and the surrounding community to become more effective in the accomplishment of these aforementioned goals.