Skills Workshops

New from the Writing Center: Writing Skills and Concepts Workshops, Fall 2023 


The Writing Center will host the following workshops in fall 2023, each with the goal of learning about and practicing certain concepts and skills in writing. Workshops are open to all students, but space is limited, so attendees must register ahead of time. In addition to a notebook, please bring along any related assignments you’re working on. All workshops will occur in J-105, the Tutoring Center, and last about an hour. 

Have any questions? Suggestions for future workshop topics? Please contact Writing Center Coordinator Eddie Horan 

Writing, like anything else, is a process. This workshop explores different facets of the writing process and offers tips that writers can use to develop their own version of the process and, in so doing, better manage their time.

Friday 22 September, 2:30 PM. 

Good writers recognize that, in any writing context, a number of factors are at play. The writer needs to consider, for example, their audience, their purpose in writing, and the form their writing will take. In this workshop, we’ll explore a handful of the factors at play in any given rhetorical situation and how writers can use their knowledge of these factors to sharpen their writing.

Friday 6 October, 2:30 PM. 

Sure, we hear and  use these terms all the time, but what does it actually mean to revise? What does it mean to edit? Are they even different from one another? In this workshop, we’ll explore exactly that, as well as some tips you can use to streamline your approach to revision and editing.

Thursday 12 October, 3:00 PM. 

Paraphrasing is a lot more than just swapping out words here and there, and it often proves a difficult skill to master. What’s more, when it’s done incorrectly, you could be cited for plagiarism. In this workshop, we’ll dive deeper into what paraphrasing is (and isn’t) and how you can do it effectively.

Thursday 19 October, 3:00 PM. 

Mastering the art of paraphrasing is important on its own, but it’s also important to incorporate sources smoothly and to create a clear line between your own thoughts and those from sources you’ve consulted. In this workshop, we’ll learn some strategies for doing this effectively. Students are encouraged but not required to attend “Outside Sources, Part I” to attend this workshop.

Friday 27 October, 2:30 PM. 

Have you ever had your APA citations corrected without getting a clear sense of why your citation didn’t work? We have, too. In this workshop, we’ll look at the basic structure of APA citations, both in-text and References, as well as some free tools you can use to check and format your citations.

Thursday 2 November, 2:30 PM.