Student Affairs Leadership

Executive Leadership

Dr. Christopher Catching

Dr. Christopher Catching, Vice President for Student Affairs  

609-652-4724 | D-116
Dr. Zupenda Davis-Shine

Dr. Zupenda Davis-Shine, Assistant Vice President, Student Health and Wellness

609-626-6088 | WQ 108
Dr. Craig Stambaugh

Dr. Craig Stambaugh, Assistant Vice President, Engagement and Community Development

609-652-4717 | CC-243
Dr. Ana Edmondson

Dr. Ana Edmondson, Interim Assistant Vice President, Student Transitions, Access and Retention/Director, Student Transition Programs

609-652-4877 | CC-243
Dr. Ashlee Roberts

Dr. Ashlee Roberts, Executive Director, Student Affairs Strategic Planning and Initiatives

609-652-4601 | D-116
Dr. Haley Baum

Dr. Haley Baum, Assistant Vice President for Student Advocacy, Belonging & Campus Standards/Dean of Students 

609-652-4645 | CC-243H
Dr. Laurie Griscom

Dr. Laurie Griscom, Executive Director of Event Services & Campus Engagement

609-652-4731 | CC-241
Dr. Steven Radwanski

Dr. Steven Radwanski, Assistant Vice President of Student Living & Learning/Executive Director of Residential Life

609-652-4915 | A-100
Jhanna Jean-Louis

Jhanna Jean-Louis, Director of Student Affairs, Finance, Administration and Operations

609-652-4225 | D-116
Anthony Berich

Anthony Berich, Director of Athletics

609-626-3405 | MRC-303
Marques Johnson

Marques Johnson, Associate Dean of Students

609-652-4865 | CC-278


Student Affairs Leadership Council

Sofia Abreu

Sofia Abreu, Director, Career Education & Development

609-652-4252 | CC-104
Laurie Dutton, LPC, LCADC, ACS

Laurie Dutton, LPC, LCADC, ACS, Director, Women's Gender and Sexuality Center/Interim Director, Counseling and Psychological Services

609-626-3611 | F-103
Chancey Page

Chancey Page, Director, Residential Education & Student Services

609-652-4590 | A-100
Dr. Ian Bouie

Dr. Ian Bouie, Director, Academic Achievement Programs

609-652-4687 | F101
Dr. Brett Pulliam

Dr. Brett Pulliam, Executive Director, Educational Opportunity and Success Programs

609-652-4647 | F-109

Vacant, Director, Student Affairs Communications

609-652-4866 | D-116
Jeffrey Wakemen

Jeffrey Wakemen, Director, Student Development

609-652-4986 | CC-240
Anthony Thomas

Anthony Thomas, Director, Learning Access Program

609-652.4988 | J-204
Devon Tapp

Devon Tapp, Director of Health Outreach, Promotion, Education and Services (HOPE) 

609-652-4803 | WQ-108
Dr. Michael Barany

Dr. Michael Barany, Director, Military and Veterans Success Center

609-652-4315 | F-105
Jonathan Heck

Jonathan Heck, Director of Athletic Operations

609-652-4952 | SC-303
Jeffrey Haines

Jeffrey Haines, Associate Director of Athletics & Recreation, Club Sports and Facilities

Kathleen Womelsdorf

Kathleen Womelsdorf, Associate Director of Athletics, Compliance and Student Success

Jovin Fernandez

Jovin Fernandez, Director, Multicultural Center

Michael Smith

Michael Smith, Associate Director, Stockton Cares

609-652-4866 | F-107D
Christopher O'Brien

Christopher O'Brien, Interim Associate Director of Athletic Development/Head Rowing Coach

609-626-6010 | SC-300B
Brooke Zall-Crawford

Brooke Zall-Crawford, Associate Director, Counseling and Psychological Services

609-652-4722 | J-204
Seth Richards

Seth Richards, Associate Director, Student Conduct

609-652-4691 | CC-243k