• Strategic Planning at Stockton University

    Strategic Planning at Stockton University

The University's systematic and continuous planning provides a way to engage the entire Stockton community in a framework for decision-making and provides a mechanism for adapting to changing conditions.

The planning process incorporates annual operational planning within the five and ten year strategic planning cycle, aligned with our decennial regional accreditation and intervening periodic reviews. Both annual and strategic plans integrate budget, facilities, and assessment planning processes for a comprehensive, efficient University wide approach.

Planning activities revolve around our mission and vision statements, objectives, initiatives, measurements and reports, all of which are publicly evaluated each year in a comprehensive Program Review, the results from which also inform the next strategic cycle, as appropriate.

Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities IconThe official 2018 fiscal year strategic priorities based on the University's mission, vision, and values. These priorities advance, develop, and support the needs or our students, campus, and region.

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2020 Strategic Planning

Stockton 2020 Strategic Planning IconStockton 2020 is an ongoing planning process with an emphasis on a clear vision (20/20) of change and development for the sake of the long-term future.

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Strategic Enrollment Management Plan (SEMP)

Strategic Enrollment Management Plan IconThe mission of SEMP is to develop, execute, and monitor key objectives, goals, and metrics that will help Stockton University reach 10,000 annualized headcount by June 30, 2021

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