The Compass Fund


The Compass Fund is Stockton's funding mechanism which ties directly to the University's strategic planning efforts.


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  • Previously known as 2020 funding, the Compass Fund provides seed money for student and employee initiatives that link directly to one of the six areas of focus in Stockton’s Strategic Plan 2025 - Choosing Our Path.
  • Projects can fall into one of three categories: a one-time activity, a one-year pilot project; or a two-year pilot project.
  • Particular attention will be paid to ideas which include one or more of the following:
    • A clear demonstration of University-wide impact.
    • Involvement of students as project leaders/mentees.
    • Identification of supplementary financial sponsorship, in addition to anticipated Compass Funding.
    • Inter-divisional collaboration within the planning process and/or project implementation.
  • Funding cannot be used for full-time/part-time salaried positions or office computer equipment.
  • Annual summary reports are required for each fiscal year funding is provided and must be approved by the Compass Fund Review Board to receive a second year of funding.


The Compass Fund is currently paused for the spring 2024 semester. The Review Board is not reviewing projects at this time. 



Please email with any questions.


The Compass Fund is currently paused for the spring 2024 semester. The Review Board is not reviewing projects at this time. 


  1. Submit an abstract

    The opening of the abstract process will be announced via email. Abstracts submitted after the announced deadline will not be considered. 

  2. Abstract review

    Abstracts are reviewed by the Review Board. A project leader whose abstract is approved by the Compass Fund Review Board will be eligible to complete a full proposal. 

  3. Proposal review

    Proposals must address all feedback provided by the Review Board and must include endorsement from the project leader's Divisional Executive. 

  4. Cabinet recommendation

    Proposals supported by the Review Board will be submitted to the President's Cabinet for review. 

  5. Final approval

    Proposals endorsed by the Cabinet are forwarded to the President for a final decision. Project leaders will be notified via email. 


As you draft your abstract and proposal, keep in mind: 

  • Projects must demonstrate a clear tie to one of the six themes within the strategic plan and must have an impact at the institutional or divisional level. 
  • Abstracts and proposals must clearly articulate the purpose of the project. Dates of project activities must be included within the proposal. 
  • Budgets must be detailed, thoroughly itemized, and justified. All budget requests are on a fiscal year basis. 
  • Plans for assessing and evaluating the success of a project must be clearly defined. 
  • Sustainability plans, if applicable, must be well-articulated.
  • Student project leaders must work with at least one faculty or staff mentor. Mentor(s) must be identified in the proposal and should be consulted as the proposal is drafted.

Projects and Reports

Project Leader

Project Partners

1st-Year Amount

Primary Strategic Area of Focus

Diversifying the Media and Software Industries Mentorship Series

FY24 Annual Report

Daniel Lichtman

Sofia Abreu, Hannah Ueno, Joe'l Ludovich, Aakash Teneja, Noel Criscione

$1,893 Inclusive Student Success

Future Educators Get Inspired at the 2024 AERA Annual Meeting

FY24 Annual Report

Ian Bouie

Kimberley Dickerson

$7,932 Inclusive Student Success

Campus Center Open Technological Space

FY24 Annual Report

Joseph Thompson

eSports Management

$4,154 Teaching & Learning
SCI-BOOST Philip Eaton

Anna Pfeiffer-Herbert, Michael Law, Emma Witt, Barry Pemberton, Robert Heinrich

$17,900 Inclusive Student Success

Fall 2023 Total



Projects and Reports

Project Leader

Project Partners

1st-Year Amount

Primary Strategic Area of Focus

Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation Academic Collaboration Initiative

FY24 Annual Report

Mariana Smith

Ryann Casey, Raz Segal, Ron Hutchison, Erin O'Hanlon & Tyrese "Bright Flower" Gould Jacinto

$1,050 Diversity & Inclusion
Addressing Student Retention and Success in the Nursing Program Jill Tourtual Lia Ludan $2,464 Teaching & Learning

Spring 2023 Total



Projects and Reports

Project Leader

Project Partners

1st-Year Amount

Primary Strategic Area of Focus

Diversity & Inclusion through STEM Outreach Initiative

FY23 Annual Report

Adriane Sicknick Admissions $9,000 Diversity & Inclusion

First to Fly Leadership Symposium 

FY23 Annual Report

Alicia Jenkins

Mentors: Ana Edmonson & Brian Jackson


Student Transition Programs

Office of the VP of Student Affairs

$12,653 Inclusive Student Success

Free Assistance for Financial Success & Awareness

FY24 Annual Report

Marielena Dottoli & Angelica Velez   $2,454 Diversity & Inclusion
CRIL Narrative Justice Program Erin O'Hanlon


Communication Studies

School of Arts & Humanities

$5,000 Diversity & Inclusion

Interprofessional Humanities Events: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lack

FY23 Annual Report

Erin Sappio, Rebecca Mannel & Trina Gipson-Jones   $4,500 Inclusive Student Success

Creating a Campus & Classrooms for All (PEN America)

FY23 Annual Report

FY24 Annual Report

Kathleen Klein, Valerie Hayes, John O'Hara & Manish Madan PEN American $15, 300 Diversity & Inclusion

Stockton Pride

FY23 Annual Report

Shannon Glover 

Mentor: Laurie Dutton

Ireanna Dallas, Teresa Barone & Van Nhi Ho $5,911 Diversity & Inclusion

DCRI - Dual Credit Recruitment Initiative 

FY24 Annual Report

Shawn Manuola Robert Gregg $6,000 Strategic Enrollment Management

Student Housing Essentials Fund

FY24 Annual Report

Susan Werner Heather Swenson Brilla $10,000 Inclusive Student Success

Fall 2022 Total



Projects and Reports
Project Leader
Project Partners
1st-Year Amount
Primary Strategic Area of Focus

Addressing Student Retention in MACJ Program

FY23 Annual Report

Kimberley Schanz

Jess Bonnan-White


Inclusive Student Success

Coastal Resilience Initiative

FY24 Annual Report

Peter Straub

Shah Khan

Anna Pfeiffer-Herbert

Mark Sullivan


Inclusive Student Success

Cultural Engagement Operations (CEO) Project

FY23 Annual Report

FY24 Annual Report

Ana Edmondson



Inclusive Student Success

Future Teachers of Color Conference

FY23 Annual Report

Stacey Culleny

Meg White


Inclusive Student Success

Hispanic Heritage Month

FY23 Annual Report

Christina Birchler

Michael Cagno

Jessica Grullon


Diversity & Inclusion

LEAD Pathways to Publishing

FY23 Annual Report

FY24 Annual Report

Kevin Coopersmith

Sequetta Sweet

John Quinn


Inclusive Student Success

Osprey Essentials

FY23 Annual Report

Christine Easton



Inclusive Student Success

Science Enrichment Academy at Stockton

Adam Aguiar

David Furgione

Amanda Allen


Diversity & Inclusion

Stockton Toolkit for Inclusive Learning and Teaching (STILT)

FY23 Annual Report

Kathleen Klein

Guia Calicdan-Apostle


Diversity & Inclusion

Zeroing Out Student Textbook Costs

FY23 Annual Report

Christy Goodnight

Kathleen Klein

OTERC Committee


Inclusive Student Success

Spring 2022 Total




Compass Fund Review Board Membership, Fall 2023

  • Nicole Suprun - Associate Director of Planning & Chair of the Compass Fund Review Board 

  • Norma Boakes - Professor of Education and Vice President of the Stockton Faculty Senate

  • John Fritsch - Assistant Vice President of Facilities & Plant Operations

  • Stacey Harnett - Accounts Payable Manager

  • Scott Huston - Vice President for Information Technology Services & Chief Information Officer

  • Ariane Hutchins-Newman - Associate Provost for Academic Success

  • Jhanna Jean-Louis - Director of Student Affairs Finance, Administration, & Operations

  • Theresa Marinelli - Budget Assistant to the President

  • Daniel Nugent - Vice President for University Advancement and Executive Director of the University Foundation

  • Kelly Oquist - Director, Academic Finance

  • Monika Pawlowska - Associate Professor of Communication Disorder and Vice Chair of the Administration and Finance Faculty Senate Committee

  • Jennifer Radwanski - Associate Director of Graduate Admissions

  • Ashlee Roberts - Executive Director Student Affairs Strategic Planning and Initiatives

  • Thierry Saintine - Associate Professor of Mathematics & First-Year Studies and Member of the Stockton Faculty Senate 

  • Heather Watkins - Deputy Chief of Staff

  • Robert Yufer - Director of Procurement & Contracting




Project Updates

Osprey Essentials, October 2023

51 students ranging from first-year to graduate students received free eye exams and eyeglasses thanks to Christine Easton's Compass Fund project. Osprey Essentials. 

Read the Press Release

Future Teachers of Color Conference, May 2023

The Future Teachers of Color Conference hosted over 200 local students to educate them about the benefits of teaching, the need for teachers of color, and the impact that positive teachers have on society.

Read the Press Release

Cultural Engagement Operations Project, April 2023

Cultural Engagement Ospreys (CEO) interns hosted current and prospective students for the inaugural Inclusive Leadership Conference, featuring student-led projects,  live music, sessions on dressing to impress, and much more.

Read the Press Release

First to Fly Leadership Symposium, June 2023

Recent alumna, Alicia Jenkins, '23,  organized an event full of of tours, interactive sessions, and guest speakers for local high school students who would be the first in their families to attend college.

Read the Press Release





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