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What is StockHack?

"Learn, create, and collaborate together at Stockton University!"

  • Put your tech skills to the test against others!
  • Learn new things in a diverse and dynamic team-based environment
  • Meet new people and reconnect with others
  • Win great prizes! Tons of swag given away!


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StockHack is Stockton University’s hack-a-thon, a creativity marathon in which technology enthusiasts work together to create an original project within the contest’s 24-hour timeframe. Prizes will be awarded at the culmination of the event. StockHack will serve as a unique experience for high school and college students who are interested in technology to learn, create and collaborate with each other.

StockHack is a unique event which in which students will learn how computer science can be applied in their educations by experimenting with interface design and software engineering challenges.  The overall themes for the event are innovation and design, with a grand prize going to the most innovative original project.


The event will commence on Saturday afternoon with guest speakers, a scavenger hunt, significant time for collaborative and creative work, and the competition will end on Sunday morning with the presentation of the team projects.


StockHack will capture the importance of integrating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) into a Liberal Arts and Science curriculum. Students from many local high schools and colleges will learn how computer science can be applied into their liberal arts education. For more information, read our press release here, or contact


When does it happen?


Overnight starting 12:00PM Saturday, November 18th 2017

and lasting until 12:00PM Sunday, November 19th



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