Resources from ADP/PEP at Stockton

ADP/PEP regularly hosts programs and develops resources to help members of the Stockton community navigate the political process--use these resources to maximize the impact of your political involvement and advocacy efforts. 

How to Contact Congress 

How to Contact Congress slides

In this PowerPoint presentation, you'll find step-by-step information to make your contacts with your Representatives and Senators effective and impactful. Apply the same tips in your contacts with your elected officials at any level. 

Contacting Congress handout

This two-page handout offers a quick reference to help you reach to your members of Congress effectively. 

How to Organize in Politics

How to Organize in Politics slides

In this PowerPoint presentation, you'll find information about different ways to get involved in politics--through organized groups, through political parties, and through local governing boards. 


Community & Government Resources

Community Partners

Do you want to find community partners? Check out the following links:


Need to contact/find your local, state or federal government officials? The following links will help:

Local Government

See something in your community that needs fixing, but not sure who to contact in your local government? Visit SeeClickFix!

State Government

Federal Government


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