Welcome to eCitizenship


eCitizenship is part of the American Democracy Project (ADP) at Stockton College. ADP and its related Civic Engagement in Action Series (America’s Future, Civic Agency, Deliberative Polling, eCitizenship, Political Engagement Project, Seven Revolutions, and Stewardship of Public Lands) are charged with “preparing the next generation of informed, engaged citizens for our democracy.”

This website serves as clearinghouse for the variety of resources (electronic and otherwise) and events related to this goal and the Stockton campus.

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The eCitizenship campaign is part of Stockton 2020 vision of Engagement

“Our concept of engagement is broad and includes the intellectual involvement of students with deep learning and the co-curricular, and community activities of students, faculty, staff, and administrators on the campus and in the wider community through active civic work. We aim to create meaningful opportunities for Stockton stakeholders to develop personally by supporting engagement and reflection.”

For more information on Stockton’s strategic plan and the role of engagement, visit the Strategy Map.