headshot of Dr.E

Dr. Ana Edmondson (she/her) 


A Camden native, EOF, and TRIO alumna member that serves first-year, transfer, upper-class, first-generation and adult students as an administrator and instructor. She brings over a decade of experience leading inclusive student success programs that increases retention and closes equity gaps (i.e. EOF, TRIO, and Student Transition Programs) at three different universities including Saint Peter’s University, Rutgers University, and Stockton University. Dr. Edmondson completed her doctorate in education at Rutgers University, her masters' degree in Developmental Psychology from Columbia University-Teachers College, and her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Rutgers University-New Brunswick.

Headshot Yesi

Yesenia Pacheco (she/her)

Internship Coordinator

Yesenia is the Coordinator of Student Transitions Access & Retention. She is a first-generation and EOF alumni that originates from Trenton, New Jersey. She has worked on various initiatives, programs, and events that correlate with diversity, equity, social justice, and inclusion. Yesenia completed her Masters' degree, and her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Stockton University. 

Interns for 2023-24 

Chief Cultural Engagement Osprey Intern (CEO)

Headshot of Rebecca Miller

Rebecca Miller (she/them)

Rebecca is a third-year student from Sewell, NJ that proudly identifies as a Hungarian immigrant, first-generation student and neurodivergent. She is majoring in business administration with a concentration in marketing. Some of her involvement includes Stockton Esports, First Ospreys and Residential life. For Rebecca, diversity, equity, and inclusion means “understanding how different aspects of our complex identities interact with one another, and the results of said interactions in multiple areas of both oppression and privilege.” 


Supervision/Accountability/Assessment Committee

headshot of aaron

Aaron Carrington (he/him)

Aaron is a fourth-year African American commuter student coming from Galloway, NJ. He identifies as Muslim Black American. Aaron is also a transfer student majoring in social work. His involvement includes Pre-Law club and social work. For Aaron, diversity, equity, and inclusion means “that no one should be excluded based on our differences and everyone has a God given right to have the same opportunities as others.” 


Headshot of Alana

Alana Jackson (she/her)

Alana is a first-year African American student majoring in biology from Trenton, NJ. She identifies as a Christian and a James R. Halsey Foundation of the Arts Crew Member. Alana’s involvement includes being an Educational Opportunity Fund Student, African Student Organization member and she is also part of the crew dance club. For Alana, diversity, equity, and inclusion means “to accept any and everybody for who they are. I love everybody, I love diversity, I’ve learned so much from people with different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities.”

Administration & Communications Committee

headshot of lydia

Lydia Adjetey (she/her)

Lydia is a second-year international student majoring in journalism and media studies. She is an African American from her hometown of Accra, Ghana. She also identifies as a Christian and a first-generation student. Some of her affiliations include the Stockton Entertainment Team and the Stockton University Student Alumni Association. For Lydia, diversity, equity, and inclusion means "to appreciate the richness that comes from our different backgrounds with a variety of perspectives. I acknowledge that we are from different cultures and backgrounds and thus, I recognize and respect diversity in cultures etc.” 

Headshot of Jaedyn

Jaedyn Thomson (she/her)

Jaedyn is a Caucasian first-year commuter student majoring in political science with a concentration in international affairs as well as a minor in global studies. Their hometown is Tuckerton, NJ. Jaedyn identifies as a first-generation student. Their involvement includes Model U.N., Public Relations Student Society of America and the gardening club. For Jaedyn, diversity, equity, and inclusion “are all incredibly important to me. I have faced many adversities both in and out of school regarding my identity. Even facing these adversities, I know that there are many people who face even worse adversity than I have.”

Hospitality & Entertainment Committee

Headshot of terron

Ter'ron Oglesby (he/him)

Ter’ron is a first-generation African American student majoring in business administration with a concentration in marketing. His hometown is Egg Harbor Township, NJ. He identifies as Nigerian and is a third-year student. His involvement includes former founder/president of Urban Light and former hospital/entertainment chair of the Cultural Engagement Osprey Project. For Ter’ron, diversity, equity, and inclusion means “honestly just togetherness. DEI is important in these communities today because people of color are fighting everyday to keep their spot in the corporate world.” 

Headshot of Lashonnah

Lashonnah Gayles (she/her)

Lashonnah is a fourth-year American student majoring in health science. Her hometown is Newark, NJ. She identifies as a first-generation student. Lashonnah’s involvement includes the volleyball club and the African student organization. For Lashonnah, diversity, equity, and inclusion “are fundamental principles that promote equal opportunities and fair treatment for all individuals, regardless of their background or characteristics. It means recognizing and valuing the unique perspectives, experiences, and identities that each person brings to the table.” 

Marketing/Representative/Public Relations Committee

Headshot of Mashrur

Mashrur Pasha Pantho (he/him)

Mashrur is a second-year international student from Dhaka, Bangladesh majoring in computer information systems. He identifies as a Bengali first-generation student who practices Islam as his religion. His involvement includes the Stockton International Student Organization. For Mashrur, diversity, equity, and inclusion “are the heart of my Stockton University journey. Diversity means embracing various cultures and perspectives, while equity involves providing support for all students to succeed, as seen in my role as a Peer Mentor.” 

Headshot of Michael

Michael Gomez Cruz (he/him)

Michael is a Latino first-generation student majoring in communication studies. His hometown is Lindenwold, NJ. He is a first-year student and his involvement includes the Student Senate. For Michael, diversity, equity, and inclusion means “to be supportive of different groups of people. For example, people of different races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations etc.” 

Headshot of Sarah

Sarah Cirillo (she/her)

Sarah is a Caucasian second-year student majoring in political science. Her hometown is Bedminster, NJ. Sarah identifies as a first-generation student. Her involvement includes Delta Phi Epsilon, Model United Nations and the Honors Program. For Sarah, diversity, equity, and inclusion means “understanding the importance of unique strengths that different perspectives can bring to the table. While understanding the importance of that diversity, it is vital to understand the importance of making every person feel valued and respected, and recognizing a healthy environment is one where these concepts are emphasized.”