CEO (Cultural Engagement Osprey) Application

CEO (Cultural Engagement Osprey) Interns

The CEO project will provide high-level thinking, co-curricular experiences to equip interns for the workplace, and professional success. The Cultural Engagement Osprey (CEO) Project is a high impact practice given the internship experience and culminating project which is also social justice oriented. The CEO project aligns with two key areas of focus within Stockton University’s Strategic Plan, which are:

  1. Inclusive Student Success
  2. Diversity and Inclusion

Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements below: 

  1. Submit application by Monday, September 25th, at 12pm
  2. Have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher
  3. Be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the University
  4. Must be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student for the Fall and Spring semester 
     (participants cannot be studying abroad or participating in the DC or Disney internship program 
     for the Fall or Spring Semester).
  5. Must be able to attend Friday professional development sessions
    • September - December from 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM 
    • January - April from 9AM -11 AM
  6. Must commit to completing at least 200 hours in the fall and 200 hours in the spring semester
    • Fall mandatory events:
  7. First-Year, second-year, third-year or fourth-year college students can apply

Benefits of becoming a CEO Intern include some of the following below:

  • Receive up to $1,000 stipend ($500 each semester)
  • Earn strong letters of recommendation
  • Enhance professional portfolio and resume for future academic, and career
  • Develop highly valued skills in critical thinking, intercultural communication,
    political awareness, adaptability, leadership, decision making, collaboration, and
  • Receive mentoring to become equipped with skills that are essential in the
    workplace and transfer to a wide range of settings
  • Engage in a High Impact Practice which is associated with improved graduation
    rates and graduate opportunities