Inclusive Leadership Conference

Inclusive Leadership


Inclusive Leadership Conference

Friday, April 5, 2024


The mission of the inclusive leadership conference ILC is to equip and empower students to advance their communities and excel in their career.


In spring 2022, Dr. Ana Edmondson proposed the Cultural Engagement Operations (CEO) Project, an opportunity for student interns to engage in a high impact practice opportunity that increases graduation outcomes, graduate opportunities, political/intercultural awareness, and career readiness. The CEO project proposal was awarded the Stockton University Compass Fund, an initiative that awards projects that support Stockton University’s strategic priorities.


The CEO Project has two major components listed below:

  1. Recruit, hire, and develop Culturally Engagement Osprey (CEO) Interns

During the Fall, the CEO interns will participate in weekly professional development workshops facilitated by Stockton University’s Faculty and Staff to prepare the CEOs for organizing the ILC, a culminating project where they will demonstrate and apply the knowledge and skills they develop. The CEO interns will be charged with creating an exhilarating,  immersive, and influential conference experience.

  1.   Implement the Inclusive Leadership Conference (ILC)

In the Spring, the CEOs will implement the ILC, a platform for diverse social justice students and professional leaders to educate and inspire attendees to act on addressing social issues in their communities. The ILC aims to increase a sense of belonging and convey the importance of becoming inclusive leaders. Attending the ILC can be a catalyst to revolutionary and innovative thinking that will foster personal growth and transformation.Students at Stockton University and students from local high-school and community colleges are welcome to attend to learn and connect with participants from diverse backgrounds. The sessions and interactive activities will be intentional and accommodate diverse learners with different interests. Participants will leave the inclusion leadership conference with tools and resources that will help them evolve as stronger inclusive leaders.

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