SOBL Faculty-Student Research Showcase

The School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SOBL) sponsored nine faculty-student research projects in the Spring 2023 semester. The findings were presented in student posters at the SOBL Faculty-Student Research Showcase on April 19 at the Stockton Campus Center Theatre and in the BOT Room.The Hughes Center for Public Policy is publishing the student posters and conducted video interviews with each student to discuss their research. Watch the videos below to learn more about the projects and click on the titles to see the research flyers. Learn more.


Parents' Experiences with Children's Mental Health During the Covid-19 Pandemic 


Student Researcher: Kimberly Walther

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sunny Mathew 



A Systematic Review of Social Media and its Impact on  Mental Health


Student Researchers: Julia Cunningham, Van Nhi Ho

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sara Martino



Impacts of Relationship Legitimacy on Perceptions of Violence


Student Researcher: Mary-Rose Keane

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kimberley Schanz




Barriers for Aged Out Youth Attending College: An Analysis of Student Experiences


Student Researcher: Ceirra Reeves

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Robin Hernandez-Mekonnen, Dr. Rachel Kirzner 




Adopting a Growth Mindset: Effects of Mindset Manipulation on Frontal Alpha Asymmetry


Student Researcher: Cassandra Bodner

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Jessica Fleck



A Multisensory Approach: The Effect of Visual Cues Versus Odor on Flavor Perception


Student Researcher: Anna Caputo

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Helana Girgis



Supporting the Engaging Citizenship Book Project


Student Researcher: Katie Squindo

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Lauren Balasco, Dr. Claire Abernathy



Know Your Place: Black Leisure as an Expression of Freedom and Citizenship


Student Researcher: Daniela Gonzalez

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Christina Jackson