Newspaper Columns from 2020

Golden, Carl (2020). “What's the end game of Trump's desperation?" The Daily Post-Athenian. December 30.

Golden, Carl (2020). “The Itchy Twitter Finger of Donald Trump and the Future of the GOP". Insider NJ. December 22.

Golden, Carl (2020). “Biden’s Welcome Call to Shared Responsibility". Insider NJ. Also featured in Press Herald, Tulsa World and Daily Citizen. December 9.

Golden, Carl (2020). “GOP establishment ready to move on from Trump". Lebanon Democrat. December 1.

Golden, Carl (2020). “The Considerable Unresolved Details of Marijuana Legalization". Insider NJ. November 30.

Golden, Carl (2020). “Republicans Can’t Allow Trump to Remain the Party’s Leader" Also featured in Great Bend Trubune, The Daily Times and Havasu News-Herald. November 24

Golden, Carl (2020). “Giuliani has descended into embarrassing buffoonery | Opinion". Also featured on November 19

Golden, Carl (2020). “Nancy Pelosi Among the Election’s Biggest Losers". November 10.

Golden, Carl (2020). “Opinion: For Gov. Murphy, public safety and economic health are a balancing act". NJ Spotlight. Also featured in Burlington County Times. November 9

Golden, Carl (2020). “The Ghosts of Kean v. Florio". Insider NJ. November 3.

Golden, Carl (2020). “Opinion: NJ voters seem certain to approve legalizing marijuana. Get ready for a battle over how to regulate it". NJ Spotlight. October 28

Golden, Carl (2020). “A Trump Defeat can be Tracked to a Single Failure". Insider NJ. October 20.

Golden, Carl (2020). “Biden needs to tell us: Would he try to pack the court? | Opinion". Lehighvalleylive.comOctober 19.

Golden, Carl (2020). “Carl Golden: Just give us an answer, Joe!" Portland Press Herald. Also featured in The Ledger, The News Herald, Havasu News-Herald, Stories In The News, and Great Bend Trubune October 14.

Golden, Carl (2020). “Biden Right To Sidestep Calls for Court Packing Scheme". Also featured in Great Bend Trubune,, Times Record and Havasu News-Herald. September 28

Golden, Carl (2020). “With Polls Steady, Debates Will Be Key for Trump and Biden". Also featured in Havasu News-Herald and Moscow-Pullman Daily News. September 8

Golden, Carl (2020). “Murphy’s ‘baby bonds’ handout at odds with new taxes, big borrowing, says Carl Golden". September 2. 

Golden, Carl (2020). “Murphy Proposal Wildly Out-of-Step with Austerity Message". Insider NJ. August 31.

Golden, Carl (2020). “Politics and the Degradation of the English Language". Insider NJ. August 24.

Golden, Carl (2020). “Opinion: Supreme Court Decision on Borrowing Not Unexpected, But Murphy ‘Must Proceed Carefully’". NJ Spotlight. August 21

Golden, Carl (2020). “Translation: I’ll Probably Lose, so I won’t Participate". Insider NJ. August 17.

Golden, Carl (2020). “Christie: Lobbying for Attention". Insider NJ. August 14.

Golden, Carl (2020). “Biden Would Pay a Steep Price For Skipping Debates". Also featured in Havasu News-Herald, The Journal-Courier, The Kingman Miner and The Daytona Beach News-JournalAugust 10.

Golden, Carl (2020). “Can Basement-bound Biden Ride His Trump-Fueled Sugar High?" Insider NJ. August 3.

Golden, Carl (2020). “Resistance to wearing face masks is certain to continue | Golden". The Asbury Park Press. August 2.

Golden, Carl (2020). “Opinion: What Is It About Being Directed to Wear Faces Masks that So Infuriates Some People?" NJ Spotlight. July 31.

Golden, Carl (2020). “Carl Golden: It's a pity they can't both lose". Herald & Review. July 25

Golden, Carl (2020). “Once Again, Americans Have A Less Than Stellar Choice For President". Also featured in Havasu News-Herald, the Chronicle, The Columbus Telegram and Great Bend Trubune. July 21.

Golden, Carl (2020). “The GOP’s Stone Cold Losing Argument Against Murphy". Insider NJ. July 16

Golden, Carl (2020). “The Twelve 2021 Labors of Doug Steinhardt". Insider NJ. July 9

Golden, Carl (2020). “Continuing pandemic could dominate Murphy’s reelection campaign next year, says Carl Golden" July 5

Golden, Carl (2020). “Democrats’ unity might hinge on vice-presidential pick". Daytona Beach News-Journal Online. June 29

Golden, Carl (2020). “Trump Seals His Fate as One of the Country’s Worst Presidents Ever". Essex County Politics. Also featured in Insider NJ. June 26

Golden, Carl (2020). “Biden Faces A Tricky VP Choice". Also featured in The Korea Times and June 24.

Golden, Carl (2020). “Going through Hell with Murphy: A Retrospective". Insider NJ. June 15

Golden, Carl (2020). “Opinion: Sweeney, Coughlin Are Still on the Same Page Even if Temporarily on Different Paragraphs". NJ Spotlight. June 8

Golden, Carl (2020). “NJ Budget Winks and Nods Must be Replaced Right Now by Leadership". Insider NJ. June 1

Golden, Carl (2020). “Biden’s Demeaning Remarks Should Worry Democrats". Also featured in The Korea Times. May 29.

Golden, Carl (2020). “Who misses baseball? Those of us who spent summers kicking dirt | Opinion". May 20

Golden, Carl (2020). “Biden: Trying to be Seen from a Basement Amid the Whirlwind". Insider NJ. May 12

Golden, Carl (2020). “Opinion: Hare-Brained Bridgegate Scandal ‘Begrimed Everyone It Touched’". NJ Spotlight. May 8

Golden, Carl (2020). “Christie’s Shutdown Experience Limited to the GW Bridge". Insider NJ. May 5

Golden, Carl (2020). “Biden About To 'Feel the Burn' From Progressives". Also featured in Havasu News-Herald and The Morning Journal. April 24. 

Golden, Carl (2020). “Murphy Closes in on His Budgetary White Whale". Insider NJ. April 16

Golden, Carl (2020). “Covid-9 Crisis Deprives Biden of a Big Campaign Moment". Insider NJ. April 15

Golden, Carl (2020). “Callahan Makes My Day". Insider NJ. April 9

Golden, Carl (2020). “Fears Increase About Biden’s Chances in a Coronavirus World" Also featured in Havasu News-Herald and The Morning Journal. April 7

Golden, Carl (2020). “An Unforced Error by Ciattarelli as Murphy Shows Leadership". Insider NJ. March 31

Golden, Carl (2020). “Dem Establishment Overcomes Hand-Wringing to Close Ranks Behind Biden". Insider NJ. Also fesatured on March 18.

Golden, Carl (2020). “Why Top Democrat’s Attack On The Supreme Court Matters" Also fesatured on March 9

Golden, Carl (2020). “Schumer Plays to the Cheap Seats on the Left". NJ Spotlight. March 6

Golden, Carl (2020). “A Sweeney Ransom Note, or ‘Pirates of the Plebeian’". Insider NJ. January 26. 

Golden, Carl (2020). “Opinion: Convene a Constitutional Convention to Tackle Property-Tax Crisis". NJ Spotlight. February 18.

Golden, Carl (2020). “Carl Golden: Hillary Clinton: Go away". Havasu News-Herald. Also featured in Daily Citizen-News and January 28. 

Golden, Carl (2020). “Doubling Back on Bridgegate and the Dazzle of Arrogance". Insider NJ. January 16. 

Golden, Carl (2020). “Opinion: Booker Bows to Reality that ‘Peace and Love’ Didn’t Work". NJ Spotlight. January 14.

Golden, Carl (2020). “The Trial of the Week". Insider NJ. January 4. 

Golden, Carl (2020). “2020 will be a political year like no other | Opinion". January 1.