Newspaper Columns from 2009

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Schulman, Sharon.  (2009).  "N.J. voters should pay attention to picks for running mates."  The Press of Atlantic City.  July 30. 

Busler, Michael.  (2009).  "City must reinvent itself to come back."  Courier-Post.  July 12. 

Busler, Michael.  (2009).  "New laws could help AC, but more is needed."  The Press of Atlantic City.  June 16.

Busler, Michael.  (2009).  "On the political leaning."  Times of Trenton.  May 30. 

Busler, Michael.  (2009).  "Ads on school buses? On balance, why not?" The Press of Atlantic City.  January 29.

Busler, Michael.  (2009).  "Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit Program could benefit from revisions."  The Downbeach Current of Longport, Margate, and Ventor.  January 8.