Retired Judge Julio Mendez

Judge Julio Mendez

Retired Judge Julio Mendez left the bench in February 2022 after serving in the New Jersey judiciary for over 20 years. Judge Mendez’s journey began in Cuba, where he spent the first 14 years of his life before fleeing the country in 1971 during Castro’s reign. He thereafter lived in Spain for two and a half years under the Francisco Franco regime. In 1974, he moved to the United States during the Nixon administration. Vineland, New Jersey has been his home ever since.

While attending Rowan College, he participated in a summer course that gave him the opportunity to travel to D.C. and sit-in during Supreme Court sessions. This experience inspired him to pursue a legal career, and he went on to attend Rutgers law in Camden. He was sworn into the New Jersey Bar in 1981, and worked as a lawyer in Vineland for years before becoming the first Hispanic judge assigned to Cumberland County in 2002. He spent two years in the Criminal Division before becoming the Presiding Family Law Judge.  In 2011, Judge Mendez became the first Hispanic Assignment Judge in New Jersey when he was transferred to the Atlantic/Cape May Vicinage. He served as Assignment Judge for over a decade before retiring in February 2022. Following retirement, Judge Mendez traveled to Spain to embark on a 130-mile pilgrimage across El Camino de Santiago, St James’ Way. Judge Mendez is now acting as a Senior Contributing Analyst for the Hughes Center at Stockton University, where he will produce written analyses and columns examining aspects of important legal issues and current events.

Over the years, Judge Mendez has been a champion for equality and diversity in the legal system, and he has done so by promoting and honoring his Hispanic heritage.



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NJ Hispanic Leadership Association Event

NJ Hispanic Leadership Association Event at Resorts, October 28, 2023.


Judge Mendez with students

Affirmative Action Forum at Stockton University, October 19, 2023.


Retired Judge Julio Mendez receives an honorary Doctor of Public Service degree at Stockton University’s Commencement

Retired Judge Julio Mendez received an honorary Doctor of Public Service degree at Stockton University’s Commencement on Friday, May 12, 2023.


NJSBA Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

NJSBA Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

Judge Julio Mendes and the Hispanic Bar Assn. Members

Judge Julio Mendes and the Hispanic Bar Assn. Members

Judge Julio Mendes and the Hispanic Bar Assn. Members

Judge Julio Mendes and the Hispanic Bar Assn. Members