Honors News and Announcements

Professor Shulman with honors student Jessica Bolich

Welcome to the new semester!  

What in the world are some of our graduates doing now? 

  • Amy Brennan is attending Stockton University's Masters Program in Social Work.
  • Lauren Roesch is attending Stockton University's Masters Program in Communication Disorders. 
  • Rebecca Claxton and Jess Niblo are attending the University of Virginia, Rebecca for a Ph.D. in Mathematics and Jess for a Ph.D. in Chemistry. 
  • Emily Sorochynskyj and Jamie Roskos are attending Stockton University's Doctoral Program in Physical Therapy.
  • Mathew Crane is attending Rutgers School of Engineering for a second Bachelor's degree.
  • Shannon Bley is working at New Logic Marine Science Camp, followed by Jenkinson's Aquarium.
  • Erin Schermerhorn is working as a registered nurse at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
  • Casandra Super is attending Life University for a Doctor of Chiropractic degree.
  • Leheiddy Tamarez is attending Lehman College for a Masters in Speech Pathology.


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Welcome to all our new students! 

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