Freshman Honors Admissions

Stockton Honors Freshman Trip to Museum of the American Revolution

If you have been accepted to Stockton and expect to enter as a freshman for the upcoming fall semester, you may choose to apply to the Honors Program. Students may be invited to apply to the Honors Program based on their record of academic success in high school or their previous college. You also can apply on your own. Either way, spending some time looking at the Honors website will make the process easier for you.

The Admissions Committee is made up of Stockton faculty and staff who have worked closely with the Honors Program. We encourage all students to apply who are interested in a rigorous academic schedule, who expect to make a commitment to service projects throughout their academic career, and who are equally ready to spend their weekends studying for exams, going on field trips, or sharing pizza with friends.  We suggest that you not apply just because you think the word "Honors" will look good on your transcript. Instead, we recommend that you think seriously about your own academic goals and decide whether the Honors Program will help you achieve them. 

Please note that the Honors Program only accepts students who apply the same year that they are applying to Stockton. You will not be eligible to apply to the Honors Program as an enrolled freshman or sophomore.  

Admissions Requirements

The Admissions Committee does not set specific GPA or SAT requirements, but we do have questions we keep in mind as we review applications:

  1. Does the applicant have a record of academic success? Since the Honors Program requires students to maintain at least a 3.3 (B+) average at Stockton, we are looking for applicants who put a lot of effort into their grades in high school.
  2. Does the applicant have a genuine interest in community service and civic engagement? Since Honors students are required to take Experiential Learning or Service Learning courses, we want to make sure that applicants really want to make experiential/service learning a part of their academic experience. If you've participated in a service project that really excited you, be sure to tell us why.
  3. Did the applicant take the time to really find out about Stockton Honors, and imagine himself/herself in class, in residence halls, and in clubs and activities, before filling out the application? We know applicants have a lot to do, including filling out a huge stack of forms. But we still want you to take the time to think about what we've asked and answer our questions to the best of your ability. The more you learn about us, the better you'll be at telling us why Stockton Honors is important to you. 

Freshman bunchBefore You Apply to Stockton Honors

In order to apply to the Honors Program, you must have submitted your completed application to Stockton College. You can find the main Admissions page here. There is no additional fee to apply to the Honors Program.

We also recommend that you attend an Open House and, if you are invited, one of the Instant Decision Days. You also can make an appointment to speak with the Honors Director and meet with current Honors students. Check our Welcome page for more detailed contact information.

The Honors Application

The main purpose of the Honors application is for us to get to know you better. Before filling it out, think about what you're passionate about, what makes you shine, what qualities you have that are truly outstanding. And before submitting it, be sure to proofread it and save a copy of the completed version for your files. You must complete the online application in one sitting. You cannot save it and come back to it later.  To avoid mishaps that can occur when completing online forms, we encourage you to view the online application, compose your responses in a separate word processing program, and then save them.  You can copy and paste your saved responses into the form fields in the online application. 

Event PlannersFreshman Honors Application

Please be sure to save a copy of your application for your files before submitting it!


Letter of Recommendation

Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) version

We ask that you submit one letter of recommendation. There is no need to send us more than one. Please print out a copy of the Letter of Recommendation form, fill out the top (your name), and give it to someone who knows you well. There is a place for you to upload your completed letter in the Online Honors Application. 

You might choose a teacher who has seen you in more than one setting, such as a club as well as a class. Another possibility might be a mentor with whom you've worked closely on a project that's important to you both. And another might be a coach, supervisor at work, or youth group leader who has had the opportunity to watch you mature over time.

Freshman Application Deadlines

The Honors Program has three application review deadlines, and we strongly urge you to apply as early as possible.

  • If you apply by December 31, you can expect to be notified by January 31. 
  • If you apply by March 1, you can expect to be notified by March 31.
  • If you apply by April 15, you can expect to be notified by May 15.
  • If seats are still available, we will accept a final round of applications received by April 29. 

Julie EllerLove Stockton Honors? Please apply EARLY

Although we will accept applications until as late as April 29, admission to the Honors Program is very competitive, and we expect to have only a limited number of seats still available by that time. We strongly urge you to apply as early in the admissions cycle as possible.

Acceptance Packets 

Accepted students will receive an acceptance packet via email and will be asked to return a Commitment Form and a Housing Preference Form. No deposit is required, but we can only reserve a place in the Honors Program once we have received the completed Commitment Form and Housing Preference Form.

Love Honors housing? Please apply EARLY

Accepted students are placed in Honors housing on a first-come, first-served basis, depending on when we receive your Commitment and Housing Preference forms. That means it is to your advantage to apply early, and, if accepted, to return your Honors forms promptly to our office, if Honors housing is a priority for you. 

Anthony ThawleyHonors Living Learning Community

The Honors Living Learning Community is located in Housing 2. If you are accepted to the Honors Program, you will receive more information on how you can select Honors housing. 

Click here for the Residential Life brochure with more information on freshman and upper-class housing options.


The Honors Program does not offer its own scholarships. Please visit the Admissions Scholarships page for information on Stockton's commitment to financial support for high-achieving students.


Honors Awards

First Year Excellence

Towards the end of their first year in the Honors Program, students may apply for the First Year Excellence award. To be eligible, they must:

  • earn a 3.5 GPA at the end of their first semester

  • have taken, or be registered for, two of the required Honors classes 

  • attend the Honors Awards Ceremony