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Required Honors Courses

Honors students can major in any Stockton undergraduate school and major. Their Honors courses fulfill part of their General Studies requirement, ensuring that students experience the breadth of the liberal arts as a part of their college education. The courses feature innovative teaching from dedicated professors from a range of disciplines. They are only open to Honors students, and they are designed to stimulate student discussion, critical thinking, and creative expression in the arts, humanities, and sciences.

By successfully completing the required Honors courses, students are also completing their General Studies ("G") courses required for graduation.

Honors Course Look-Up

Science LabsInstructions for accessing Honors courses from the Look-Up Classes Link on the goStockton Portal:

  1. Click on the Look Up Classes link, and choose the semester you are interested in.
  2. Click on the Advanced Search button
  3. Select items from the Subject list. Since Honors courses are always G-courses, click on the first G-course category in the list, GAH, to select it. Then, hold down the Shift key, and click on the last G-course category in the list, GSS. (If you are on a mobile device like an iPad, use your usual methods to select all the G-courses).
  4. Go to the Attribute Type list, and click on the attribute Honors Course to select it.
  5. Click on Class Search. The list of available Honors courses will be displayed. 

Honors Course Schedule, Fall 2020

GEN 1033

Honors Freshman Seminar:  The Life of the Mind.

Professors: Joshua Duntley, Michael Rodriguez, Kaite Yang

GSS 2346 Honors: Social Justice in the Harry Potter World (V)
Professor: Ruibin Lu
MWF 8:30 - 9:45
Students will gain a basic understanding of various social issues, such as democracy, racial inequality, and media ethics in the United States, other countries, and the Harry Potter world. Students will learn to apply social science knowledge to the wizarding word, discover issues hidden in the book series, and critically analyze these social issues.
GSS 2368

Honors: The Global Community (I)
MW 11:20-12:35
Professor: Ramya Vijaya 
This is an Honors course open only to students in the Honors Program. This course will view the contemporary world of nations as a global system. Insights will be drawn from a range of disciplines including history, language, economics, political science, sociology, anthropology, and psychology. 

GSS 3231

Honors: CSI Effect: Myth or Reality? (W2)
MWF 12:45 - 2:00
Professor: Kimberly Schanz
The course examines how forensic evidence is used and perceived by the general public. Emphasis will be on students discovering implications on the legal system when discrepancies between the reality of forensic evidence and its myths exist.

GIS 4635

Honors: Ethics & Contemporary Life (V)
Professor: Audrey Latourette
TR 2:30 - 4:20
This course will introduce students to major issues in ethics and examine their impact on modern life. 

GIS 4686

Honors: Games for Change (W2)
Professor: Lisa Rosner
MW 8:30 - 9:45
Games for Change provides students a hands-on, project-based of the field of Serious Games, particularly in connection with social activism. Students will learn basic game programming, analyze the literature and practice of serious games, and explore their impact in a range of fields. They will work with Stockton and community partners for their final project. 

Honors Course Schedule, Spring 2020

GNM 1123:

Honors: Fisheries in Crisis

Professor: Mark Sullivan

GIS 4635:


Professor: Micheal Busler

GIS 3652:

Honors: History of Corrections

Professor: Christine Tartaro

GSS 2368:

Honors: The Global Community

Professor: Edward Horan

GEN 3164

Honors: Exploring the Future

Professor: Lew Leitner

May and GT

Honors Advisory Committee and Faculty

Contact the Honors Director

Joshua Duntley

Joshua Duntley, Honors Director  

Lorraine O'Flaherty

Lorraine O'Flaherty, Education Program Assistant


Honors Advisory Curriculum Committee:

Emily August, Literature Christine Tartaro, Criminal Justice
Tara Crowell, Public Health William C. Lubenow, Historical Studies
Deb Figart, Economics Robert Olsen, Chemistry
Eddie Horan, Writing Center
Lorraine O'Flaherty, Academic Advising
Michael Hayse, Historical Studies Erin O'Hanlon, Service Learning
Audrey Latourette, Business Law Rich Trama, Academic Advising
Margaret Lewis, Biology Kaite Yang, Psychology
Mark Sullivan, Marine Biology Manish Madan, Criminal Justice
Michael Rodriguez, Political Science  
Jessica Peoples, Student Representative Taylor Ketcham, Student Representative

National Memberships: