We Need To Talk About Genocide


Join MAHG alumna Kylie Deverell as she discusses popular topics in Holocaust and Genocide studies with some of the field's most notable scholars and educators! The series is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. Tune in for new episodes every Tuesday! 

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Ep. 9 - Preserving the Holocaust

"A discussion with Dr. Michael Hayse, Associate Professor of History at Stockton University regarding memorials, memorialization, and museums."


 Ep. 8 - Transitional Justice

"How do socities begin to repair after a mass atrocity? This episode looks at transitional justice mechanisms and how they can help a society rebuild."


Ep. 7 - Jews in Hiding During the Holocaust

"A discussion with Holocaust Survivor Leo Ullman, who went into hiding in order to survive."


 Ep. 6 -  Survivor Stories: Eva Kor 

"A discussion with Leah Simpson, Executive Director of the CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center in Terre Haute, Indiana about Holocaust survivor Eva Kor."


Ep. 5 - Understanding the Genocide Framework

"The genocide framework as laid out by the United Nations."

Ep. 4 - Legal Aspects of Genocide 

"A discussion with Alex Demirdjian, trial lawyer for the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court."


 Ep. 3 - The Holocaust 

"A discussion with author and Distinguished Professor in Holocaust & Genocide Studies, Carol Rittner."


Ep. 2 - Defining Genocide 

"All about Raphael Lemkin, the individual that defined genocide."

Ep.1 - We Need To Talk About Genocide

"In our first episode, we’ll discuss Kylie’s background in genocide as well as look at the legal definition."


About the Podcast 


Kylie Deverell is a graduate of the Master of Arts in Holocaust and Genocide Studies (MAHG) program at Stockton University. Kylie hopes that her podcast will help people gain an understanding of past genocides and a better understanding of the complexities of determining genocide within the legal framework. While the podcast was completed as her final capstone project for the MAHG program, Kylie hopes to continue the podcast after she completes her degree.