Unrecognized Groups

A chapter whose recognition has been removed by the University, a council, or an inter/national organization, occasionally will choose to continue functioning without recognition or oversight as an organization. An organization may also be formed by a group of students who then operate under the guise of being a Greek-letter organization, but are not recognized by the University. It is important for a student who is interested in joining a fraternity or sorority to fully understand the implications of joining one of these disaffiliated or "rogue" groups.

An "unrecognized" group is one which chooses to exist "off campus" and does not follow University policies and regulations. In many cases, these organizations seem to operate like recognized fraternities and sororities, but they are NOT affiliated with Stockton University. These organizations do not have any of the priveleges that recognized organizations have earned. These include, but are not limited to; professional staff and alumni advising and support, proactive educational programming, leadership development, oversight of risk management efforts, service opportunities, academic support, and participation in social, intermural, and other campus and Fraternity & Sorority Life activities. In addition, they lack insurance and policies related to hazing and sexual harrassment. 

Fraternity & Sorority Life recognizes organizations' work to demonstrate compliance with their founding values and principles by participating in the Fraternity & Sorority Life program, for which they recieve recognition and endorsement. Unaffiliated groups do not participate in these efforts.

As a student, it is important to understand that if you choose to become a part of an unrecognized group, you will never be recognized by the University and the University cannot and will not support this choice.

A group of students may portray themselves as recognized student organization, but are in fact not. Please note that the following fraternities and sororities are not considered registered student organizations at this time and have no current affiliation with Stockton:

  • Alpha Gamma Delta | ΑΓΔ (2008)
  • Alpha Sigma Phi | AΣΦ (1994)
  • Kappa Delta Rho | KΔP (1998)
  • Pi Kappa Phi | ΠΚΦ (2010)
  • Tau Delta Phi | TΔΦ (2018)
  • Tau Kappa Epsilon | TKE (2006)
  • Zeta Beta Tau | ZBT (2010)

Any questions regarding recognition status of a fraternity or sorority should be directed to Joseph.Thompson@stockton.edu.