50th Anniversary Memories

Celebrating 50 Years of Teaching

Share Your Own Stockton Memory

It can be something – or someone – you’ll never forget. A moment, an event, or an entire career.

Maybe you had a favorite professor who enhanced your education. Or perhaps you participated in service-learning that enriched your life. Did one of your students in class inspire you? What prompted you to give back to Stockton?

We’ll be posting some of your stories on social media and some will appear on this site. Although we won’t be able to publish every story that is shared, know that you are always a part of Stockton and your stories are important to us.

What is Your Connection to Stockton?*
Please share the year if you are a Stockton grad.
I give permission for my submission to be used in print, online, or video publication, and for it to be preserved in the Stockton University Archives.
I have photos, videos, audio that I would like to share with my story.
Stockton 50th Anniversary montage