Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of student officers that are elected by the Stockton EMS membership as well as Stockton faculty advisors that provide guidance to the student leadership. Members of the Executive Board are responsible for ensuring that the organization is continuing to achieve its goal of serving the Stockton community. To contact the Executive Board, please email stocktonems-club@go.stockton.edu

Faculty/Professional Advisors

Tom Scardino

Tom Scardino, Advisor and Associate Director of Campus Public Safety

  • Handles all logistical tasks with the Police Department and other departments within Stockton University.
  • Provides general guidance to the executive board
Chuck Uhl

Chuck Uhl, Advisor and Chief of Galloway Township Ambulance Squad

  • Coordinates SEMS and GTAS joint activities
  • Ensures that EMS functions are conducted within state and local guidelines.
  • Provides general guidance to the executive board

Student Officers

Jordan Rudy

Jordan Rudy,  Captain/President

  • Point of contact with Stockton PD
  • Point of contact/liaison with Galloway Township Ambulance Squad. 
  • Oversees all administrative functions (reserving vehicles, handling paperwork, etc.).
  • As a Line Officer, s/he will act as commanding officer at all functions of the Squad.
  • Presides over all meetings.
  • Supervises and serves as EMS command of all incidents involving SEMS.
  • Directs any disciplinary or corrective actions for any violations of the bylaws and SOPs.
Carly Lawson

Carly Lawson, Lieutenant/Vice President

  • Reports to the Captain and can act as the presiding officer in the absence of the Captain.
  • Assists Captain with administrative functions
  • Serves as the scheduling officer for all SEMS functions.
  • Decides which events are to be put on the schedule and what the minimum staffing for a crew is.
  • Keeps track of all members’ participation and informs the Captain of any delinquencies.
  • Oversees new member recruitment process
Tim Meineke

Tim Meineke, Training Sergeant

  • Monitors and oversees the training of members and ensures all certifications are valid and up to date
  • Directs FTOs to ensure all members are properly and promptly trained
  • Reports to the Lieutenant on all activities
  • Coordinates training for the organization and Develops training programs for SEMS
Connor Masterson

Connor Masterson, Supply Sergeant

  • Manages all supplies, equipment, and vehicles
  • Manages the use, distribution, and collection of uniforms
  • Acts as the treasurer of the organization
  • Develops annual budget and recommends the most effective way to utilize funds with approval of the executive board
  • Reports to the Lieutenant on all activities
  • Leads any fundraising efforts
Alexis Land

Alexis Land, Secretary

  • Monitors and sends emails
  • Compiles and records meeting minutes
  • Confirms requested events
  • Maintains updated membership lists
  • Digitizes all paper forms