Changes to Staff leave related to COVID-19

March 13, 2020

Dear Stockton Community,

On behalf of President Kesselman, thank you for the cooperation and understanding you have shown as we work to respond to the evolving concerns posed by COVID-19. Our goal remains to complete the semester while protecting the health of our community both on and off campus.

Your well-being is paramount, which is why Stockton will adopt Governor Murphy’s guidelines for state employees as clarified by the state Civil Service Commission.

Specifically, the following situation does not require use of accrued leave time:

  • Employees who are diagnosed with COVID-19.

Specifically, effective Sunday, March 15th and until further notice, Stockton will implement work-from-home protocols and flexible scheduling, and temporarily re-designate employee assignments as needed for the following:

  • Employees who have been directly exposed to a person diagnosed with COVID-19, and are thus either required to self-quarantine or recommended to stay home (these employees will not be required to use accrued leave time); or
  • Employees who stay home due to the closing of their child’s K-12 school or child care center (these employees will not be required to use accrued leave time); or
  • Employees who are immunocompromised or have immunocompromised individuals living in their home (these employees will not be required to use accrued leave time).

At this time, all other employees are expected to continue to report to work or utilize accumulated leave time as applicable.

Consistent with state employee guidelines, appropriate documentation will be required. Later today, the Office of Human Resources will provide information about the submission process. Employees should coordinate with their managers when requesting an accommodation under this process. These requests will then be reviewed and approved by the relevant Cabinet member in conjunction with the Office of Human Resources.

Each of us has an obligation to help ensure our campus and neighboring communities remain as safe as possible. We have a responsibility to take these precautions while we work to fulfill our educational mission for our students.

I know that you will have many questions regarding your individual situation. We are committed to working with each of you.  Please contact your manager to discuss.

Please continue to show patience and understanding as we navigate this quickly changing landscape.

For updates and information on COVID-19, please visit Stockton’s coronavirus page.

In the meantime, I want to thank our incredibly dedicated community for the exceptional work you are doing in helping manage this unprecedented event.

Susan Davenport
Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff