ELO Icon Downloads

This page contains downloadable image icons for each ELO. These icons can be incorporated into your instructional materials.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the icons, please contact the Office of the Provost.

ELO & Description

Icon Image


Adapting to Change

The ability to successfully engage and navigate new or unfamiliar circumstances or create opportunities.

Adapting to Change icon

Communication Skills

The ability to create and share ideas and knowledge effectively with diverse audiences and in various formats.

Communication Skills icon

Creativity and Innovation

The ability to generate ideas, take risks, and recognize opportunities in problem-solving, relationships, or self-expression.

Creativity and Innovation icon

Critical Thinking

The ability to formulate an effective, balanced perspective on an issue or topic.

Critical Thinking icon

Ethical Reasoning

The ability to consider alternative viewpoints and their potential consequences.

Ethical Reasoning icon

Global Awareness

The ability to appreciate diversity and cultural interconnectedness.

Global Awareness icon

Information Literacy and Research Skills

The ability to locate, evaluate, analyze, and use information to solve problems or to produce an argument.

Information Literacy and Research Skills icon

Program Competence

The ability to use and to integrate concepts, theories, and principles in one’s major field of study in a masterful way. 

Program Competence icon

Quantitative Reasoning

The ability to understand and to work confidently with numbers and mathematical concepts.

Quantitative Reasoning icon

Teamwork and Collaboration

The ability to join with others to achieve a common goal.

Teamwork and Collaboration