Frequently Asked Questions

Application related FAQ

If you are having trouble creating a PIN, make sure you are using a PIN with 8 characters; including numbers and letters (ABCD1234 will always work).

If you do not have a Social Security number please notify your high school representative.

If you do have a Social Security number make sure you enter the correct one in the application.

Nothing! After your high school application deadline has passed you will be registered into your dual credit course(s) by Stockton. You will receive a confirmation email when you are registered.

No, you will only have access to your Stockton portal once you are officially registered for a dual credit course. You will receive your Stockton portal login credentials in your confirmation email.

Please contact your high school representative and they will reach out to Stockton to see if it is possible to apply late.

Yes, you must submit a new application each year/semester you intend to take a dual credit course.

Cost/Billing-related FAQ

$100 per credit. Stockton courses are 4 credits except for some upper-level math and science courses which are 5 credits.

Your bill will be available after you are registered for your courses. You can access your bill in the Stockton portal. Information on how to make payment will be available in your confirmation email.

Instructions on how to make a payment can be found in your confirmation email or visit the Dual Credit Payment information page.

Students who are eligible for free/reduced lunch will receive a full tuition wavier. Eligibly will be confirmed with your high school. Please allow time for processing of tuition waivers.

Yes. If you do not attempt to make payment you will eventually be dropped from your dual credit course(s) for non-payment. If you are dropped for non-payment and still want to pay, make the payment first with the Bursar’s Office and they will notify the Registrar’s Office that you should be re-registered.

Grades/Academic-related FAQ

If you attend Stockton, your course grade will be counted in your overall GPA. If you attend a different institution, your credits transfer -- assuming a satisfactory grade is awarded -- but your GPA typically starts fresh at zero.

Your high school teacher will enter your final grade(s) at the end of the school year/semester. Once your final grade(s) has been submitted it will be viewable on your unofficial and official transcript in the Stockton portal.

Most courses are 4 credits, some are 5 credits (science and upper-level math).

Stockton University is a regionally accredited higher education institution. Thus, any credits awarded from Stockton are transferable to other colleges/universities, depending on the minimum satisfactory grade threshold of the institution. Typically, a C or better is required.

Stockton University 4-year degrees require a minimum of 128 credits to graduate. Each Stockton dual credit course awards 4 or 5 credit hours.