Stockton Women’s Leadership Scholar Program

Stockton Women’s Leadership Council (SWLC) is committed to taking an active leadership role that will have a sustainable impact on Stockton University, Stockton students, alumnae and members of the community. To support the mission, council members will provide their time and talent through mentoring. Mentoring will provide mentees with guidance, instruction and personal and career development.

To achieve success the mentoring program will align with the following areas:

Education Support – Help to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Formal education and training are complemented by the knowledge and hands-on experience of a mentor.

Career Development – Help students plan and develop their careers. Mentoring will help students with self-confidence and to be self-reliant in their careers.

Skills Enhancement – Share skills and knowledge learned from successful and experienced professionals to pass on their expertise and help the mentee acquire specified skills.

Professional Identity – Contribute to the understanding of what it means to be a professional in the working environment.

Leadership Development – Encourage the development of leadership, gained through application and guided practice. 

Student Retention – Provide a supportive environment. Ongoing coaching and teaching will enhance the education experience and assist in graduation completion.

Scholar Program Applications

Applications for the Stockton Women’s Leadership Scholar Program will be accepted each academic semester.